Ghanaian musician Pappy Kojo who has been appealing to government to rescue him back home from Italy, may have to stay a bit more longer in Italy.

The Rapper’s plead have reached the authorities but they have made it clear to him that there is absolutely nothing they can do for him at the moment.

The “Aye Late” Rapper had earlier cried out on social media to authorities despite the ban on travels to evacuate him and other Ghanaians trapped in Italy as death toll from the coronavirus pandemic continued its relentless rise.

“I’m not safe, I live just across a busy street and people keep using that road every minute which is not safe for me, I’ve been calling out to the government; yet no response. “I’m a Ghanaian and I’ve done a lot for this country in terms of creative arts. Sincerely I’m not safe, I have something to feed on now but I’m afraid I might soon run out of food,” he stated during an interview on TV3 via Skype.

Responding to Pappy’s plea Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Madam Oteng Gyasi said the ministry understands the plight of the musician; however, the request, unfortunately, cannot be granted.

“Currently, travelling is out of the question. We’re not encouraging people to come to Ghana,” she said.

“Ghanaians can return home but if you’re in a country which is locked down and you don’t have flight coming in, then how do you travel? He wants to be jetted back to Ghana? How is that possible? We cannot arrange a jet to bring an individual back.

“We’re trying to contain a situation and the directive is that for countries which have recorded over 200 cases, we are not allowing people from those countries into Ghana because we are also trying to contain the situation here. And I believe that wherever he finds himself, if he follows the guidelines from the protocols, he will be safe,” she added.

Italy’s death toll rose to 651 on Sunday, bringing its total to 5,476. It was an increase of 13.5 percent but down from Saturday’s figure when 793 people died.

Globally, more than 13,000 people have now died from the pandemic. An estimated 92,000 of the 304,500 people who contracted the disease globally have recovered.

In Ghana, 24 cases have been confirmed and there are fears the number will rise. Some stakeholders of the industry have been counting their losses following the ban on public gatherings which has consequently led to the cancellation of events, closure of nightclubs among others, in the quest to prevent the disease from spreading.

While recognising the effects of the crisis on Ghana’s arts and entertainment industry, the minister said efforts are being made to save the sector. “The sector is really suffering,” she admitted.

“The ministry recognises the impact it has had on the industry and we have engaged industry players through the Ghana Tourism Authority. It’s currently in the process of collating information from them in respect to what government can do to support them so it is not completely crippled by this health issue.”


The city of Memphis and the Memphis in May International Festival have selected the Republic of Ghana as the country to salute at the 2020 Memphis in May International Festival.

The organizers of the festival together with the Embassy of Ghana in the US and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integrations, have assembled a comprehensive month-long celebration curated to honour Ghana in the areas of arts, culture, education, entertainment, food, and our people.

Although Ghana is not the first African country to be celebrated, this celebration reinforces Ghana’s democratic credentials, economic gains, peace and stability and its outstanding diplomatic profile.

This year’s festival is designed to break cultural barriers, foster a long-lasting relationship between the people of Memphis and the people of Ghana, boost trade and economic relations and open Ghana’s two borders to cultural and educational exchanges.

The program kicks off with its largest musical event, the Beale Street Music Festival, from May 1 – 3, 2020, where Ghana’s award-winning musicians; Sarkodie and Stonebwoy will be performing to a crowd of over 107,000 people alongside celebrated American artists like Lil Wayne, Nelly, Three 6 Mafia and many more.

In collaboration with the National Theatre of Ghana, Signature Ghanaian cultural performances and plays will be held at the renowned Orpheum Theatre. The performances will attract an estimated number of 6,300 people.

A major performance by a renowned Ghanaian Highlife artist also at the Orpheum Theatre. The festival will screen five Ghanaian films in a series dubbed Ghana Indie Memphis in various cinemas across the city.

Two Ghanaians from the Ghana Barbecue Association will participate on the world stage at the World Champion Barbecue Cooking Contest.

For the entire year of 2020, Memphis students from kindergarten to high school will be learning about Ghana using a 70-page curriculum focusing solely on the country.

Student Exchange programs will send 11 students from Memphis to Ghana and 10 students from Ghana to Memphis.

The Artist Alliance Gallery in Memphis will showcase an exhibition of a selection of contemporary Ghanaian artworks.

The Memphis National Ornamental Metal Museum will feature Beautiful Metal Works of Ghana, adornments and wearables.

Ongoing World Cargo Crate; an activity designed to teach young students about the differences and similarities between the people and culture of the U.S. and Ghana.

The Great American River Run will feature a lead runner from Ghana participating in a half marathon at the closing of the festival.

A group of 45 civic leaders, the Shelby County Mayor, elected officials and corporate CEOs are scheduled to visit Ghana to have a greater understanding of the country and draw attention to the festival.

Another high point of the program will be a major cultural event depicting Ghana’s rich traditions.

The honour bestowed on Ghana by the city of Memphis and Memphis in May Festival is a grand one and the Ambassador calls on all Ghanaians both at home and in the United States to support and attend this festival in their numbers and in style.

About Memphis in May

Over 30 years ago, the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce established a festival to serve as an umbrella for all the many events hosted in the month of May in Memphis, Tennessee. Over the years, Memphis in May has grown from a $52,000 dollar to an 8 million dollar non-profit organization and is currently one of America’s leading festivals.


It’s 8pm, Saturday March 7, and the buzz inside The Grand Arena at the Accra International Conference Centre is already fever high.

A night of magical promise, the venue, about to host perhaps, what can be described as one of the biggest concerts to be staged in Ghana this year for a mature audience, is all lighted up in hues of blues and reds, and the Patch Bay Band is already dishing out a session that’s titillating many a feet among the teeming guests!

Surely, you must not be left out of this razzmatazz of a night that features the world class international band, Steel Pulse, who will distill some of their iconic tunes, alongside our own international export, ‘Mr Musicman’, Kojo Antwi!

So, you’ve seen Kojo perform several times, you say, what will be new? We caught up with Kojo at rehearsals and put this question to him. The man’s sheer enthusiasm to perform doesn’t seem to have waned since the 1980s!

“For me,” he suddenly became immersed, after a few ice breakers, “every platform I get to play on, is as important as the last one. I don’t take it for granted, no. I see each show I play at, each stage I perform on, as an opportunity to share my sermon with my fans, so this one too is as absolutely important as the last show I did!” That felt intense, even though he was smiling now.

Of course, if you’ve ever seen Kojo on stage, you’ll know no two shows he performs are the same. There’s always something different, something special for his audience. A grand entrance, the selection and sequence of songs, his whole aura, even the way he wears his very meticulously wrapped dreads, are a delight to behold. This is something that has become synonymous with the man all these nearly 40 years since he has been entertaining us!

Time was when he held us spellbound with his most anticipated and sold out Dec 24 concerts. Those were the days! How we looked forward to them. One night you knew was guaranteed to be magical. And he never disappointed. Sharing the same show with them again is still a big deal to Kojo. “Of course, I deem it an honour to once again share the stage with the class act that is Steel Pulse. You know, this is the group whose music expanded the scope of reggae, and I am always glad to get the chance share the stage with them, any time.”

Now, not only Kojo will kick the night into action. Have you heard of Ssue? The latest stage sensation who has in her very short spurt onto the music scene, performed on the same stage with some of the greatest artists including Salif Keita, Bona and Dela Botri!

The firebrand goddess will work the stage to get the audience stimulated a bit before we get into a crescendo with Kojo, and then the main act. Did I mention that there will be a dance area! There will be. No reggae concert is a through and through sit down affair, and this will be no exception. Come prepared to dance!

The Grand Arena is also set to make this experience a very memorable one for its patrons, it will go down as one of the biggest indoor concerts so far in the year. It is designed to give patrons the nostalgic feeling which can be shared together as a group or an individual. For companies looking to reward or give its deserving employees a break from work, for school year groups looking to reminisce, for friends looking to hang out, for families looking to spend quality time together, this is the perfect indoor nostalgic experience for the matured persons. With its table and theater seating, red carpet experience, the whole ambiance is assured of top notch VIP experience. GOLD table for 5 people which comes with soft drinks, juice, snacks, water, white/red wine is going for GHC5,000 and SUPER DELUX table going for GHC7000 for 7 people. VIP section which also comes with refreshments is going for GHC500 cedis, PREMIUM for GHC300 and STANDARD for GHC200.

A joyous occasion celebrating 25 years of Joy FM and 20 years of Charterhouse, this event comes off on Independence day weekend, March 7, at the fully air conditioned Grand Arena which is located inside the Accra International Conference Centre. The event is supported by Labadi Beach Hotel, KNET and South Africa Wines.


Sensational 80s reggae band, Steel Pulse and Ghana’s Music Maestro Kojo Antwi, are set to play a fully loaded live concert to commemorate the celebration of the landmark anniversaries of two great  powerhouses in media and events in Ghana, JOY FM @25 and Charterhouse @20.

Taking place on 7th March, at the Grand Arena located inside the Accra International Conference Center, this night of music magic is scheduled for the 63rd independence Anniversary Weekend, with the band that brought music lovers such classics as ‘CHANT A PSALM and several others in a concert dubbed the INDEPENDENCE BASH, an event curated to provide entertainment to Mature audiences.

One of Britain’s greatest reggae bands, Steel Pulse is a politically minded band which started out playing authentic Roots Reggae with touches of Jazz and Latin music, and earned a substantial audience among conscious music loyalists around the world.

Designed as a mature VIP experience, Mrs. Theresa Ayoade, CEO at Events Powerhouse, Charterhouse, producers of the event, believes there’s a growing need to create quality entertainment for the capital’s more mature audience to unwind and network.

“This is for the grown and funky, an evening outing experience that the older crowd can feel comfortable to attend and enjoy, for a change. Lately, most events have been designed for young audiences, which many mature people tend to find a bit too boisterous.”

The “Steel Pulse Live in Ghana” INDEPENDENCE BASH is designed to have an 80s party vibe, with a mixed set up of both theatre seating and VIP table setting, giving it an informal yet intimate feel. This set up, with a cash bar, in the very spacious, fully air conditioned and secure Grand Arena, offers the opportunity for Corporates to get fully serviced tables and tickets for clients and employees appreciation gifts and Associations and Old School Year Groups to sit together at tables or even old friends to have a reunion at.

Remember the polished synthesizer sounds and elements of dance music and R&B that crept into their music, and “how you used to bop your head to their tunes at Keteke, Cave du Roi, Black Caesar’s Palace, Balm Tavern and Maharani nightclubs? Here’s a chance to relive those days,” shares a delighted Theresa, who is an advocate for creating quality entertainment for mature people.

Tickets are available in Standard, Premium and VIP and Gold, Deluxe or Super Deluxe tables, which come with a variety of curated hospitality offers, and can be obtained at, XMEN and NALLEM Stores in Malls.


Multiple award-winning Ghanaian Highlife artist, Ofori Amponsah has made a shocking revelation about his marriage.

The “Otoolege” finally revealed why he went into hibernation all of a sudden at the time he was doing well musically.

Ofori Amponsah said he caught his own wife in bed on their matrimonial home with his friend, something which drove him into a state of depression.

It was perhaps this situation that turned him into a pastor all of a sudden, after he which he made a U-Turn just few years later

He said during a recent interview:

“Someone I helped entered my home and destroyed my marriage. Someone I opened my gates to could do that to me.

That day I had a show at the national theatre but I performed poorly on stage because I was surprised that someone I helped would do that to me. Since then, I couldn’t write, sing or do anything. For about three years I was shut. No shows, nothing. I was in my room. I became lonely.

The only thing I could remember at that moment was to pray. I was there one day when a prophet called me and advised me that if I don’t run to God, nothing will work out well for me.”


Rapper Medikal and his actress girlfriend Fella Makafui are back into the social media trends over claims that they have broken up.

Rumours about their break-up started late last week when the former ‘Yolo’ actress reportedly unfollowed Medikal on Instagram and also deleted all his photos from her page.

Medikal released a song titled ‘Come Back’ to apologise to Fella over a reason that is yet to be made public.

A subsequent video on social media captured Fella asking Medikal‒ who came to her shop with some friends to further apologise ‒ to leave her shop.

He further took to Instagram on Monday to apologise.

“Hey, @fellamakafui_ since you haven’t blocked me on Twitter, I know you will definitely see this! Listen, I love you, I want us to start a family together! People make mistakes! Nobody be perfect. Will prove to you and the whole world I will be a better man for you and our kids,” he wrote.

Medikal’s post also indicated that Fella Makafui has blocked him on every platform except Twitter.

After hinting on a break-up between himself and the actress on Friday, the rapper has continually tried to apologise to his woman.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are sceptical about the break-up drama. Some people believe it is a publicity stunt. Some are also alleging that Medikal have gone back to his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Vanessa.

But Medikal responded to some of the claims on Twitter saying, “And yall stop fuelling this whole thing! I was never on the same set with my ex. It’s a location for a shoot that many people have used! It’s an upcoming project by @KhalifinaM ft myself.”

Fella, who was also on live broadcast on Instagram on Sunday evening, described the break-up claims as “no joke” to clear the air on rumours that it is a publicity stunt.

Meanwhile, amidst the drama, Deborah Vanessa and budding songstress Khalifina have announced a new song titled ‘Amanfuor Boys’, a track which some have described as a shade to Fella Makafui.


American rapper and actress, Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánza has confirmed her presence and performance as headline act at the Livespot X Festival (LXF) which will be held at the Accra Sports Stadium on the 8th of December 2019.

It had been speculated that the rapper would make appearances at the Livespot X Festival shows in Lagos and Accra respectively and fans had been doubting.

Cardi B, however, took to Instagram on Friday 8th November 2019 to confirm the news.

She wrote on Instagram, “Africa. I’m coming! Ghana & Nigeria”. 


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Africa.Im coming ! Nigeria 🇳🇬 & Ghana 🇬🇭

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Ghana’s number one selling beer – Club Beer, continues on the path of product quality and innovation whilst remaining true to its desire of bringing people together with the “One Ghana One CLUB” campaign and national promotion which launched on 21 October 2019.

The “One Ghana, One CLUB” campaign highlights CLUB’s position as the preserver and protector of Ghanaian culture and friendships whilst promoting the spirit of togetherness to celebrate the two things we have always cherished across generations; Ghana and CLUB Premium Lager, which has been Our Pride since 1931.

To share in this celebration with Charlies, CLUB Beer, will spark this all-exciting patriotic campaign and promotion with an experiential launch at the Black Star Square, an iconic landmark in Ghana’s history which resonates with the milestone of a new, modern and refreshed label design also to be unveiled at the same event. The new label features the colours of the Ghana flag bordered by gold, resting on an intricate pattern delivering its rich colours that signify the coming together of elements to celebrate and highlight Ghanaian passion, quality and craftsmanship. Our refreshed packaging is also a dedication to young vibrant Ghanaians, proud of their roots and looking to the future whilst anchored in their desire to spending more enriching times with their friends.

The nationwide promotion which continues until 31 December 2019, will give away more than One Million Ghana Cedis (GHS1,000,000.00) in prizes. Consumers stand the chance of winning airtime, mobile money and an ultimate weekly prize of Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS5,000.00) when they text the 8-digit code under the crown of any CLUB 625ml (Large) bottle to short code 1931. The text to short code 1931 is free across all networks. As is tradition, an image of a bottle of beer under the crown qualifies a consumer to a free CLUB Beer instantly.

“CLUB Beer through this campaign, highlights its position as a national treasure” said Shaun Raposo, Country Director of Accra Brewery Limited.

“CLUB Beer is both unique and ever-present at the same time. It is the perfect social complement to many of life’s occasions – an ever present friend across generations and occasions. ‘One Ghana One CLUB’ reminds us of the things we are most passionate about: Ghana and CLUB” said Ewurafua Addo-Atuah, Marketing Head of Accra Brewery Limited.

The campaign and national promotion will also be used to crown all of CLUB’s activations over the year from Original Ghana Festivals, CLUB Live and the novel CLUB 5on5 football tournament, which brought Charlies across Ghana together with the winning teams representing Ghana at the continental games in Tanzania.

About Accra Brewery Limited (A proud part of the ABInBev family)

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) was established in 1931 as Overseas Breweries Limited.  We became known as Accra Brewery Limited in 1975 and a subsidiary of SABMiller in 1997.  Now, we are a proud part of Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev), the world’s largest brewer.

We have delighted Ghanaians with the best quality and great-tasting beverages since 1931.  Today, our offerings comprise of CLUB Premium Lager, our flagship brand; Eagle Lager, Eagle Extra Stout, CLUB Shandy Bͻsoԑ, Castle Milk Stout, Stella Artois, Budweiser; and Beta Malt, our non-alcoholic malt brand.

Our Dream is to bring people together for a better world. To achieve this Dream, we invest in a Growing World where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood; a Cleaner World where our natural resources are shared and preserved for the future; and a Healthier World where every experience with beer is positive.

About Anheuser-Busch InBev

Anheuser-Busch InBev is a publicly traded company (Euronext: ABI) based in Leuven, Belgium, with secondary listings on the Mexico (MEXBOL: ANB) and South Africa (JSE: ANH) stock exchanges and with American Depositary Receipts on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: BUD).  Our Dream is to bring people together for a better world.  Beer, the original social network, has been bringing people together for thousands of years.  We are committed to building great brands that stand the test of time and to brewing the best beers using the finest natural ingredients.  Our diverse portfolio of well over 400 beer brands includes global brands Budweiser®, Corona® and Stella Artois®; multi-country brands Beck’s®, Castle®, Castle Lite®, Hoegaarden® and Leffe®; and local champions such as Aguila®, Antarctica®, Bud Light®, Brahma®, Cass®, Chernigivske®, Cristal®, Harbin®, Jupiler®, Klinskoye®, Michelob Ultra®, Modelo Especial®, Quilmes®, Victoria®, Sedrin®, Sibirskaya Korona® and Skol®.  Our brewing heritage dates back more than 600 years, spanning continents and generations.  From our European roots at the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, Belgium, the pioneering spirit of the Anheuser & Co brewery in St. Louis, US, the creation of the Castle Brewery in South Africa during the Johannesburg gold rush, to Bohemia, the first brewery in Brazil.  Geographically diversified with a balanced exposure to developed and developing markets, we leverage the collective strengths of approximately 200,000 employees based in more than 50 countries worldwide. In 2015, on a combined pro forma basis, AB InBev realized 55.5 billion US dollar in revenues (excluding JVs and associates).

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TV personality Shirley E. F. Tibilla popularly known as Cookie said she prefers a rich man to cheat on her than a broke man.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz recently, Cookie said she would be very hurt if a broke man cheated on her than if a rich man did.

“It is annoying for a broke man to cheat on you than a rich man. Imagine a man who is broke cheating on you, that can be very hurtful so to avoid all that I would prefer a wealthy man to cheat on me than a poor man,” she said.

Another reason why Cookie won’t be with a broke man is that he cannot stand the pressure she would give him.

“If I am working hard to make enough money then my man must equally up his game. He would advise himself looking at the kind of lady he is coming in for. I am a hard working lady and the last thing I would want is a broke man who would spend my money and be a distraction in my life,” she said.

Asked whether she was dating, the co- host of Starr Drive on Starr FM said she was currently single and waiting for the right man. Talking about her kind of man, the pretty lady said she wants a simple man who will be an add on and not a distraction.

In answer to whether she was approachable, Cookie said she was and any discerning man could make a move.

“I easily get approached by right thinking men. You really need to know the kind of lady you are coming for because I am not cheap,” she said.

Cookie has had the opportunity to host AirtelTigo FestRadio and Television Personality (RTP) Awards3Music AwardsRapperholic launch among others.


The 2019/2020 edition of the annual Full Circle Festival is set to see some five hundred (500) people tour and experience Ghana from December 2019 to January 2020.

The 2019 Full Circle Festival is in partnership with Essence Ventures thus dubbed Essence Full Circle Festival. It will take place in Accra in December and complete the Year of Return commemoration – marking 400 years since the first enslaved Africans, mostly Ghanaian arrived in Jamestown Virginia as part of the transatlantic slave trade.

The specially-curated, week-long immersion will enable engagement between U.S.-based cultural influencers and business executives with Ghanaian and regional leaders and communities, including explorations of history, cuisine, music, fashion, beaches, nightlife, commerce and more.

In an interview (video) on Hot 97 online with Ebro, Boris Kodjoe described how the festival began with his family and later grew to one-hundred and twenty people, mostly Hollywood stars in 2019. Boris added that the festival was in 2019 seeking to bring about 500 people to experience Ghana. He also touched on the Importance of returning to Africa and how the Full Circle Festival was going to touch all corners of the African continent.

ESSENCE Ventures in an article published on their website also outline how they are taking another major step towards supporting cultural ownership and economic collaboration through the launch of the ESSENCE Full Circle Festival.

They outline the focus of the festival on a three-part mission to:

(i) support cultural ownership and economic collaboration among Africans on the continent and people of African descent in the Diaspora;

(ii) connect Black communities globally for the exchange of ideas and shared objectives that leads to cultural monetization and community reinvestment;

(iii) facilitate the learning and discovery of the many facets of Africa’s beauty, excellence and opportunity globally.

For Essence, their partnership in the annual ESSENCE Full Circle Festival is to create an experience that “will focus on showcasing African nations increasingly as global destinations by highlighting their critical roles as ancestral, spiritual, cultural and commercial epicentres.”

“This partnership recognizes Ghana’s role as a beacon for people of African descent in this Year of Return,” said Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo. “The Year of Return, Ghana 2019, is a conscious effort to cement our pan-African legacy. Throughout the Year, the Tourism Authority has worked with several partner organizations to welcome home our brothers and sisters from the Diaspora. The Essence Full Circle Festival is a welcome addition to the activities and will hopefully become one of the legacies of the year which celebrates African resilience.”

The 2019 ESSENCE Full Circle Festival will include the first-ever ESSENCE Global Black Economic Forum: Africa, which will convene entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers and government officials to discuss how new opportunities for economic development and cultural exchange can be created.

“In furthering our mission to serve Black women deeply across the globe, ESSENCE is honoured to answer the call to ‘Return’ with the creation of the ESSENCE Full Circle Festival, beginning with Ghana and subsequently extending across the continent,” said Michelle Ebanks, CEO of Essence Communications, Inc. “We are grateful to be able to use the power of our platforms and the influence of our networks to positively impact narratives about Africa, as well as positively impact the people of Africa and the Diaspora through cultural and economic exchange.”

About 2018 Full Circle
The inaugural Full Circle Festival also included the participation of President Akufo-Addo and took place in Accra in December 2018, led by Full Circle Festival, LLC partners Boris Kodjoe, Patrick Kodjoe, Bozoma Saint John – all of Ghanaian descent – and Nicole Ari Parker. More than 120 invited guests including business executives, influencers, and celebrities from the United States travelled to Ghana for cultural engagement and ancestral reconnection, resulting in nearly 10,000 positive social media posts and half a billion media and social impressions, as well as an estimated economic impact of more than $70 million in tourism revenue.