Fast rising Entertainment Journalist Gloria Akpene Acquah a.k.a MzGee has for the first time revealed the real reason why she left Multimedia Broadcasting Company Limited.

Speaking in her most revealing interview with Nkonkonsa.com, MzGee said she left for her happiness because they were too many bitter people at Multimedia who made life unbearable for her.

“There were too many bitter people in Multimedia among my colleagues. Very bitter people I had, that didn’t feel comfortable that I came to meet them on the job and they know themselves I won’t mention names”, MzGee stated.

Even though MzGee refused to mention names of these bitter colleagues, she gave clues “They were my colleagues on the job and they were so bitter and I have unfollowed all of them. So if you find out who I have unfollowed, they know themselves”.

According the beautiful Media Personally, the hatred on her was too bad to the extent that they ganged up against her. So she decided to leave and see if they will shine in her absence.

MzGee left Multimedia, where she had been since 2014 and had hosted shows on radio and TV. She resigned from Multimedia Group, on November 1, 2019. She currently works as a Presenter and Producer on 3FM and TV3 under Media General.

Watch the full interview below:
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Shatta Wale has urged Ghanaian voters to retain President Akufo-Addo in the upcoming general elections in December 2020.

The controversial dancehall artiste, whose dad is a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), said it would be a wise decision to take as he endorsed Akufo-Addo’s presidency for a second term.

Speaking on Joy FM Saturday afternoon, he said, “Nana Addo has done a lot and needs to be commended. Ghanaians should open their eyes.” 

In his reckoning, he indicated that the President is not only doing well, but how his leadership has been able to handle situations during this pandemic makes him deserving of a second term.

The endorsement has come less than a day after his former best friend, Pope Skinny, accused him of being a member of the opposition NDC, yet he is dining with members of government.

NEWS-ONE has also gathered his endorsement of Akufo-Addo is causing a lot of panic in the camp of ex-President John Mahama, who is the NDC’s flagbearer in the upcoming election.

Some Ghanaian musicians and movie stars are noted for supporting politicians and political parties, especially during election years.

Musician Lucky Mensah was the first entertainer to endorse the current President for the 2020 elections in October 2019. He recorded a single in that regard. Now, it’s Shatta Wale who has also endorsed the President.


A landlord has allegedly murdered his tenant for refusing to vacate a room he has rented to him.

Victor Stephen Nana Kankam according to police extract, shot budding musician Spark Benjamine who was rushed to the police station with multiple injuries.

According to Peace FM’s Agya Kwabena, the tenant who didn’t want to extend his stay had already started moving out to his new apartment.

A brutal afternoon shooting act allegedly perpetrated by a landlord at Ofankor in Accra has ended the life of his tenant.

In a fit of rage, the landlord, Victor Stephen Nana Kankam, who could not withstand the refusal of the tenant, Benjamin Okyere, to vacate a room he rented out to him, allegedly picked a gun and shot him in cold blood.

The incident sparked some outrage from the public and yesterday morning, some people set fire to the apartment in retaliation.

The police have arrested Kankam while investigations are underway.

The victim, aged 31, popularly known as Trillionaire, was a budding musician, known for his album, titled Pon Dem.

According to eyewitnesses, Okyere’s two years’ tenancy agreement was to expire on May 24, 2020.

Consequently, the landlord is said to have called Okyere and warned him not to spend a day more after the expiration of the tenancy.

Kankam is alleged to have asked Okyere to pack out of the room and leave the key to the room with any of the other tenants as he did not want to set his eyes on him after May 24, 2020.

Source: Daily Graphic


Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s son, Kirk Saahene Osei has shared stunning photos of his beautiful mother Ewura Ama on social media to celebrate her on Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10, 2020.

For the first time son of the Ghanaian millionaire has showed off her mother his mom to the world.

He shared two photos and one video. One of the photos shows his beautiful mother standing next to an expensive car and mansion showing her back, the other photo taken indoors shows wearing a white gown and a black head gear.

Ewurama, wife of Ghanaian Business mogul, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is an extremely private person and always shies away from the limelight but her son decided to flaunt his pretty mother on a day the whole world was celebrating mothers.

See photos below:

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Rapper Guru has advised his colleagues in the music industry to set their priorities straight and be focused on making good money to support themselves and their families.

According to him, it’s imperative that colleagues artistes invest in their digital stores to rake in revenue rather than wasting their time on building followers on their social media handles.

To Guru, investing in their digital stores will rake in more revenue that they can invest in their craft but investing in their social presence will just generate likes and comments which does not add anything to their craft or bank account.

“My dear Ghanaian artiste, 1000000 Spotify streams equals $7000 whereas 1 million Instagram followers equal like and comments with no pay. So set your priority right. Tell the leaders to fix the system in Ghana. Something must change.”

With the wake of Coronavirus and its associated lockdown, the music industry is one which has been severely hit by the pandemic because artistes who depend solely on revenue made from live shows have had to stay home with no funds coming in.

Artistes who have invested in building their digital stores will at the moment be receiving some monies for their upkeep as the country fights the deadly disease.


While answering how she deals with trolls having been taunted on several occasions by a section of the Ghanaian populace, Becca said she is least perturbed because she finds it awkward to respond to rumors and comments aimed at making her feel less of a person.

“People who troll you are usually your enemies. I don’t think when you love someone so much, you won’t give them the opportunity to explain themselves,” she told MzGee on TV3’s New Day, Friday.

“Sometimes, I’m quiet because I believe that’s the best way to do things. I believe that when you’re quiet about things, it passes… [My way of dealing with trolls is] just silence because I believe that silence is really golden.”

The musician is of the conviction that colleagues join the bandwagon and subject her to vehement attack for reasons best known to them when they are supposed to know better. Regardless, she holds no grudges as she focuses on positivity and forges ahead to chalk successes.

“There might be ordinary people there as well but definitely there’s gonna be some who come from the industry,” she said while adding a phrase which could be attributed to her should a discussion about rumours and how they spread is tabled for discussion.

“Rumours are started by enemies, accepted by fools, and spread by ignorance without confirmation.”

The songstress, accused of bleaching, was recently hit with a song theft allegation following the release of her song ‘No One’. She was said to have sampled South African singer, Sho Madjozi’s, ‘John Cena’ song and trolled on various social media platforms.

Setting the record straight, Becca said the accusation was fuelled by ignorance. She explained that ‘No One’ falls under a genre called Gqom beat – an electronic dance music that emerged in the early 2010 from Durban, South Africa – stressing that when people were jabbing her in Ghana, the song was trending at number two in South Africa.

“That’s the irony of life. People are home trolling [me] but my song was number 2 in South Africa. People do not really understand the kind of music I released,” she said. “It sounded like somebody else’s song and so are all Gqom beats. Gqom beats all sound alike. If the song you claim is gqom beat does not sound like all gqom beats, then it’s actually gqom beat.

“The good thing is that I featured one of the main women who are the founders of gqom beat – Busiswa. Would you actually think that she would take weeks and weeks to go through my song and feature if she thought it was a copied song?” she asked.

On whether she was disappointed about the development, Becca responded in the affirmative.

“I was disappointed. I fell it was naivety and I felt like people should have just asked these questions. But people who knew it knew it so I wasn’t really worried about it,” she mentioned.

Source: Ghanaweb.com 


Ghanaian gospel singer Joe Mettle has said that the coronavirus outbreak is a sign of the end times.

In an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM’s mid-morning show Ayekoo Ayekoo on Easter Friday, Joe Mettle urged Ghanaians to draw closer to God as, in his view, the pandemic portends the end of time.

He said the world has been living in the end times for a while now and, therefore, urged believers to live a godly life and worship God privately since all social gatherings, including church services, have been banned by the government as part of the measures to curb the spread of the virus.

The gospel singer also advised Christians against hurling insults at men of God for not being able to do anything about the virus which is wreaking havoc globally.

According to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, 1,622,167 cases have been confirmed globally with 97,264 deaths and 365,250 full recoveries.

The countries with the highest number of cases are US 467,184, Spain 157,022, Italy 143,626, Germany 119,401, France 118,790, China 82,940 and Iran 68,192.

In terms of deaths, the numbers are as follow: Italy 18,279, Spain 15,843, France 12,210, UK 7,978, New York City 5,150, Iran 4,232, Hubei, China 3,216, Belgium 3,019, Germany 2,607, The Netherlands 2,511.

In Ghana, President Nana Akufo-Addo has extended, by a week, the lockdown of Accra, Kumasi, Tema and Kasoa as part of measures to mitigate the spread of the disease.


Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale says he is disappointed in Sarkodie for releasing a diss song at a time when a pandemic is killing thousands of people across the world.

Asked about his take on Sarkodie’s ‘Sub Zero’ track released last night in which the rapper seemed to have taken shots at some artists including himself (Shatta Wale), he said even though he is yet to listen to the track, he is surprised that Sarkodie will overlook the seriousness of the current situation to engage in beefing.

“Sarkodie is talking about beefs and the industry is happy?. I am disappointed though, at this time?,” He told MzGee on TV3 this morning.

Shatta Wale wondered why Sarkodie did not choose to contribute to the fight against coronavirus but has rather chosen to engage in beefing which will result in disunity in the music industry, especially at a time when there is the need for unity.

“I thought you were going to tell me he has donated to some needy people. But if Sarkodie has thrown a shot at me in this time of our life where people are dying, where people need help….. If it was me they will tell me I need attention at this time, if it was me people will say Charles don’t you think your brand is going down?. My brand has never gone down,” He said.

Sarkodie last night released ‘Sub Zero’ in which he addressed some artistes who have over the years called him out.

The song sparked various reactions on twitter which included some mentioning Shatta Wale as one of the victims.


Actress, Yvonne Nelson says this is not the time to donate with cameras all over just for fame as is being witnessed in recent times.

According to her, in times like these, when donating to the needy there is no need to get the attention of the media.

She made this known in a tweet she shared On her wall.

The mother of one noted that this is the only way God blesses his children and not the donations to look good in the sight of man.

She added that most churches do not engage in charity because monies paid there are used to sponsor the Pastor’s luxurious life.

She said “Pls donate to the poor/needy/widows/orphans etc, don’t let an eye see it when you do, God in heaven sees it!this is how God our Father in Heaven blesses! most churches/pastors will use your money for their luxurious lifestyles. God sees and knows our hearts”.


Ghana Health Service has confirmed two additional cases of coronavirus infections, making it 11 cases in all.

The health ministry announced on Thursday afternoon, March 19, 2020 adding that the two additional victims are in Kumasi.

One of the infected persons is a 59-year-old Ghanaian woman resident in the United Kingdom who recently returned to Ghana and currently living in Kumasi. The other is a 61-year-old Lebanese male trader resident in Kumasi.

On 19 March 2020, we received notification from KCCR indicating two (2) newly confirmed cases in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

-The first is a 59-year-old Ghanaian woman, resident in the United Kingdom who recently returned to Ghana and currently living in Kumasi, reported to a private hospital with the history of fever (temp of 39.1oC), general malaise, cough and runny nose. Her condition was suspected to be COVID-19. Sample was subsequently collected and sent to KCCR and the report was received this early morning as positive for COVID-19.

-The second case is a 61-year-old Lebanese male trader and resident in Kumasi. He felt unwell and reported to a health facility with fever (temp 39.4oC), and cough. The sample tested positive for COVID-19.

-Both case patients are being managed in isolation and responding to treatment.

So far the confirmed cases in Ghana are from Turkey, Norway, Germany, France, United States of America, United Kingdom (UK) and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

With regards to contact tracing, a total of 399 contacts have been identified and are being followed up. Nineteen (19) of the contacts developed some forms of symptoms and samples were taken for laboratory testing.

We have received laboratory results for 15 of them which are all negative for COVID-19 and we are awaiting results for the four (4) others. Contact identification and tracking for the newly confirmed cases have just started.