Musician Praye Tintin (real name Nana Adu Koranteng), a member of Hiplife group Praye, has lost his mother.

Madam Edna Enimil affectionately called Aunt Edie, died on Wednesday afternoon April 11, 2018 in Accra through Kidney failure.

Big J Cartel, another member of the group who confirmed the sad news to Nkonkonsa.com added that Praye Tintin is the only son of his late mother.

“It is a very difficult time for him and we are here to console him. All I can see is today is a very sad day for us”, Big J said.

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Dancehall act, Samini, has urged the Food and Drugs Authority to be keen on the current intake of unprescribed cough mixtures and pain killers among the youth in the country.

It is easily becoming a culture among the youth in the country to swallow pain killer pills such as Tramadol and cough related drugs with codeine to get high.

The situation has killed hundreds with others lossing their memory since they take the drugs, intended for other forms of treatment, in overdose thereby ‘altering their consciousness’.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Samini indicated that drug abuse was claiming precious lives hence the need to check the act.

According to Samini, even though there have been several documentaries and educative programs to lead kids and the youth away from drugs, government needs to do more to eradicate such abuses.

“That’s a crazy thing happening right now among the youth. We have been hearing this since we were kids. This is like a clear picture. It was like a myth but now we are seeing kids buy and mix things up…” he told Andy Dosty.

“I know people who looked healthy but now look older due to the effect of the drugs. Before they could come close but they can’t anymore…”

“Don’t drink or take drugs when you know very well you are not sick. It has no benefits to your health…” he advised the youth.

Source: Adomonline.com


The popular Abrantie Spot established by legendary highlife singer Abrantie Amakye Dede has new owners.

The popular live band spot situated at Lapaz in Accra is now owned by Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s Angel Group of Companies. The musician we are reliably informed handed the property over to the company due to his installment as a chief at Agogo in the Asante Akim North Municipal area of the Ashanti Region.

According to our informant, Amakye Dede who now resides in Agogo due to his honorary chieftaincy title, ‘Okyeredom, decided to hand it over to the company because he will not have enough time to manage the affairs of the venue.

Angel Group of Companies we are told will be operating the asset for the next five years. New owners of Abrantie spot relaunched the venue on February 14 this year with performances from top Ghanaian artistes like Nero X and others.

As part of measures to provide a wider range of hospitality services to meet the needs of its customers, the management of Abrantie Spot has revamped its food joint, bar and rooftop pub.

Abrantie Spot, since its establishment, has attracted a large number of patrons with its assorted drinks and sophisticated atmosphere, not forgetting its friendly and committed staff who are always eager and happy to serve customers’ needs.

The Angel group of Companies has under its umbrella, Angel FM, Angel TV, Angel Educational Complex, Angel Real Estates, Angel Mineral Water, Adonko Bitters and its new asset, Abrantie Spot.


Hollywood Superstar, Brad Pitt has pro­duced a non-fictional documentary exposing what he terms “greed and exploitation” of Ghana and Nigeria by Texas-based oil explo­ration companies.

The documentary, which was written and directed by Rachel Boynton, an international film­maker, takes viewers behind the scenes and gives them exclusive access to boardroom discussions as oil company officials show how much they are interested in making maximum profits from Ghana’s newly discovered crude oil resources at the expense of Ghanaians.

The documentary titled, ‘Big Men’ shows the grand schemes inspired by Wall-Street investors to fleece Ghanaians.

The 99-minute documentary, which will be given a global exposure, would be released today in New York City at the IFC Center.

According to online movie review website, movievbox.net, the documentary, which is cur­rently receiving media raves, “follows the step-by- step process of how they (the multinational oil companies) conduct business after untapped oil fields are discovered off the coast of Ghana. It took Rachel Boynton seven years to painstakingly track these big players unawares to complete ‘Big Men’ which has been described as a thriller.

In an interview with movie reviewer, Dorri Olds on March 10,2014, Rahel Boynton stated, “The film is of a deep philosophical nature. It* s about greed and desperation and wanting to be big. That’s what connects everybody in the movie. When I was asking the questions it got turned around on me at one point when I was asked, “Don’t you want to be big?”

In the documentary, the CEO of a multination­al company (name withheld) was heard saying, “Developing nations can’t get greedy” – he indicat­ed from the prospect of making billions out of their new crude oil production project off the coast of Ghana.

Watch the trailer below:

He explained why his company won a hugely  favorable deal with the government of Ghana around 2007.

The CEO justified why his company should see greater rewards than the industry standard, as they benefitted from the political administration at the time. The deal with Ghana was that the com­pany would keep a vast percentage of the oil rev­enue being drilled out of the Jubilee oil fields, 64 nautical miles off the coast of Ghana.

Over 70 percent of the total revenue is shared by the foreign companies. They justify the huge cut by arguing that they had taken all the risk.

“What did the Ghanaians know?” asked David D’Arcy, an internationally known film critic and art reviewer, writing for The National and Screen International online, The Art Newspaper, among others.

“Ghana (which we don’t see by way of the landscape, as we do Nigeria) presents a sad dilem­ma…Now Ghanaians are watching as an Ameri­can company gets rich on its resources. Will Ghana become a mini-Nigeria, or will it prosper as a result? There’s not much hope for any country that lacks the institutions to make prosperity possible.” 

The documentary also showed the difficulties faced by the company when the John Agyekum- led administration finished its term and the administration was taken over by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) led by the now late John Evans Atta Mills.

“The previous government (the NPP govern­ment) was nice to the oil company. Certain things will have to change,” the former Minister of Ener­gy Dr. Joe Oteng Agyei was heard saying in the documentary.

Ghana is currently drilling about 100,000 bar­rels of crude oil off the Jubilee Fields and barely earns US$1 billion from its oil export annually.


Artiste Deborah Vanessa popularly known Sister Derby has set the internet on fire with her African themed nude photos.

The “Uncle obama” hitmaker shared the photos on the internet and the internet is buzzing with comments and have shown love for the beauty she exudes.

The artiste who is known for her love for nudity’s photo however, does not come as a shock to many because this is not the first time she is engaged in nudity.

See the photos below:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


TV Africa has shown the process of becoming a strong emerging television brand in the face of the fierce competition on the local market front through the re-launch of its newly branded programs and shows.

PAE MU KA, a gossip show translated in the Akan language which simply means “say it all with no holds barred” seems to be the hottest and most sought-after live gossip show on TV today. The show hits you with the latest trending issues on celebrity faux pas.

This new direction and market positioning stem from building a brand reputation of an Afropolitan status with a blend of pan-Africanism.

PAE MU KA is hosted by a young, vibrant, fire-brand called in showbiz as Aysha Papabi. The show is the collector of all filla – good and bad, the packaging warehouse of all celebrity dilemmas, brouhaha and confusion; and the reporter of the good news.

It seeks to narrate, reveal, explain and highlight in bits and pieces everything showbiz.

Aysha is a rare millennial born, 14th September, in Kwahu in the Easter Region. She exhibits a lot of character, finesse, and maturity in her presentation style. Some would categorize her as the budding young potential.

Stay glued to PAE MU KA every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 4pm-4: 30 pm, who knows…You could be the next on the hot seat.

PLEASE HELP ME, I’M HOMELESS – Daasebre Gyamena’s Wife Begs

The second wife of late Ghanaian musician, Daasebre Gyamenah, has opened up on her poor state of life after the demise of her husband two years ago.

Madam Amina Ibrahim, in an interview with host, Sister Sandy, on Adom TV’s ‘Badwam Ahosepe’ on Monday said she could barely have money to feed herself and her nine-year-old son.

Narrating her ordeal, she disclosed that after her husband’s death, there hasn’t been harmony between the two families [maternal and paternal] of Daasebre Gyamenah.

She told Sister Sandy that the big brother of the late highlife musician broke into her Kokomlemle home to throw her belongings out.

Madam Ibrahim continued that she now resides at her close friend’s house in New Town, a suburb in Accra, with her son because she has no place of shelter.

“I am staying at my friend’s place at New Town in a single room. I used to live with Daasebre at Kokomlemle until his death but his big brother broke into the house and threw my things out”, she said.

According to her, there were things going on in the house that if she had not taken her son out, she would have lost him…”, she said.

Asked if the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) contributed to the family after Daasebre Gyamenah passed away, she indicated that MUSIGA did their best but were reluctant to help due to the abuse of curses from her late husband’s family members.

“I don’t blame MUSIGA; because of the family disagreements, people had to back out due to curses and all that. People were throwing so many curses in the air”, she added.

She pleaded with Ghanaians to come to her aid so she can find a place of abode for her family.

“I have my belongings out and I want help so I can get somewhere to put my head…”, she said.

Madam Ibrahim said she has reported the break-in to the police.


Walt Disney’s Black Panther earned another $8.4 million in its eighth weekend of domestic release, dropping just 26% and snagging the 11th-biggest eighth weekend (sans inflation) and bringing its 52-day domestic cume to $665.4m.

It is now past the $659m lifetime gross of Titanic (again, sans inflation) and is now the third-biggest domestic earner of all time. And on this specific list, that’s where the journey will likely end.

No, I don’t see the Chadwick Boseman superhero movie finding another $95m and sneaking past the $760m domestic cume of Avatar and the once-in-a-lifetime $937m gross of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out of the question.

As mentioned yesterday, while it’s important to note higher ticket prices and various upcharges for PLF screens, D-Box, 3D and the like, the theatrical experience becomes less and less of a dominant entertainment option every year.

Yes, ticket prices are a lot higher than they were in 1998 or 1968, but there were a heck of a lot less distractions from the theatrical experience (DVD, YouTube, Hulu, etc.) than there are today.

That Black Panther has sold around 72 million tickets over seven weeks in a “Netflix-and-Chill” world an astonishing achievement, especially for a film that so explicitly bucks conventional wisdom about what makes a hit movie.

Black Panther is currently the 34th-biggest inflation-adjusted grosser. It has already sold more tickets than any Sony/Columbia/TriStar release, any Lionsgate/Summit flick and anything out of DreamWorks Animation. If it gets past The Dark Knight ($534 million in 2008/$684m adjusted), it will A) be the second-biggest comic book flick behind The Avengers ($623m in 2012/$706m adjusted) and B) have sold more tickets than any Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. offering save for The Exorcist.

It’s it passes that arbitrary milestone, it’ll be the 30th-biggest “adjusted for inflation” grosser and T’Challa will be able to brag that he’s bigger than Batman and bigger than James Bond (sorry, Thunderball).

Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole’s action drama just missed the $1.3 billion worldwide mark, ending the frame with (eye-roll) $1.2999b. It is the 10th-biggest global grosser, between Frozen ($1.277b in 2013/2014) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($1.33b in 2017/2018).

It just might get past the last Star Wars film (if not the last Harry Potter flick, which earned $1.43b in 2011). Considering the inexplicably negative press that The Last Jedi got for “only” grossing $1.33b, it might not be in Disney’s interest for the Star Wars flick to be taken down a notch. Moreover, the higher Black Panther gets, the more Infinity War must gross to avoid negative press.

Yes, this is insane, but that’s where Disney is right now. Black Panther doing as well as it has further puts Star Wars on the defensive while in turn upping the expectations for Avengers: Infinity War to a greater degree than if the Boseman flick had “only” earned $800 million worldwide.

That’s not exactly a problem, but even if it is there are worse problems for a studio to have. On the plus side, it means a genuine whiff like A Wrinkle in Time, made with the best intentions and primed to become a future generational kid-friendly “classic” (think Hook or Labyrinth), doesn’t sting that much.


Bisa K Dei will be releasing the much awaited ‘Highlife Konnect’ album on the 21st April, 2018.

This will be the third music album by Bisa Kdei, after a successful release of ‘Breakthrough’ two years ago. His first album, ‘Thanksgiving’ was released in 2013.

Bisa Kdei after launching the album in Ghana, will launch in other countries including the United States of America, London and Cote d’Voire.

He will follow up with other major concerts as part of promoting the album to the world.

Bisa K Dei is known for hit songs like ‘Baaba,’ ‘Odo Carpenter,’ ‘Mansa’ and ‘Brother Brother.’


Another musician has been made chief few months after Amakye Dede was enstooled as chief at Asante Akyem Agogo in the Ashanti Region.

Sloopy Mike Gyamfi, a highlife artiste known for hit songs like ‘Telephone Nkomo’ and ‘Asem Kakra’ has been installed as paramount chief of Boso-Gua Traditional Area in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region.

He will now be known as Nana Nyarko Yeboah III or Boso-Gua Manhene. A part from his personal records, Sloopy has also produced works for Nana Aboagye Dacosta, Oheneba Kissi, Daddy Lumba, Diana Hopeson and a host of others.

Reports say the tradition and customs of the people of Boso-Gua will not permit Sloopy to continue pursuing his music career.

The highlife musician, who is also a businessman and an IT expert, has stated that he is ready to serve his subjects, bring development, modify tourism in the area, develop music talents of the youth and bring foreign investments into the traditional area.

Sloopy Mike Gyamfi, a father of four, is married to a Dutch female teacher, Judith Zwaan.