Award-winning Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney famed as DKB, has taken a swipe at actress Efia Odo following her claims that McDonald’s workers earn more than Ghanaian celebs.

In a post on his IG page and sighted by Nkonkonsa.com. DKB did not mince words as he pointed out that Efia Odo was just generalising for celebs when in actual fact, she was the only one suffering.
DKB went on to indicate that Efia Odo’s way of dressing was a factor affecting her brand since no serious company would like to work or would want to be associated with her.
The comedian went on to lambast Efia Odo for bringing the businesses and brands of other top female celebs like Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro and Nana Ama McBrown with her “nonsense lifestyle”
DKB went on to admonish the socialite and actress to change her style of dressing by wearing Kaba and slit and see the number of endorsements she would get.
Not long ago, Nkonkonsa.com reported that Efia Odo indicated that being famous in Ghana did not come with money.
The actress noted for her raunchy style of dressing added that a worker in world-renown eatery McDonald’s was able to make more many than many female celebs.
Among other rants, Efia Odo stated that it was her wish that the current crop of Ghanaian leaders be fired for them to be replaced with new-age thinkers.
Efia Odo’s comments sparked massive debate on social media with some people agreeing with her assertion while others disagreed entirely with her.
Read DKB’s full post below:
“When you are continuously removing pants and showing nipples like a Pono auditions, which company will take you serious?

Don’t say us when it’s just you, shut up and suffer your misery instead of disrespecting the creative arts field, some of us have made a living out of it and created jobs for others through it.

How dare you jeopardise the hardworks of Yvonne Nelson, Okoro, Mcbrown etc because of your nonsense lifestyle.

Wear a kaba & slit for once and see the number of brand endorsements that will chase you.

Everyday pioto bonanza… MUTUMBANZA!”

Source: NKONKONSA.com


Ghana’s Dancehall King Shatta Wale has warned all political parties no to use his images for campaign as the 2020 December general elections draws closer.

Shatta Wale who performed on NDC platforms during the 2016 elections, said no one should use his picture or brand on any political campaign or platform.

Shatta Wale is perceived to be a strong NDC supporter because of his dad’s affiliation with the party and also someone sitting president Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo loves hence it looks like Shatta is stuck in the middle.

According to the “Freedom” hit maker, him and his Shatta Movement are ready to work with any president Ghanaians elect.

“Moving forward ..no one should use my picture or my brand on any political campaign or platforms .

Myself and my loyal fans will support and coperate with any person who Ghanaians elect as their president..”, Shatta tweeted.

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Actress and social media star, Efia Odo, has indicated that being famous in Ghana does not actually come with any monetary benefits.

Efia Odo took to her Twitter wall to bemoan the kind of economic system that had bedeviled our part of the word.
She went on to indicate that someone working in McDonald’s in America was making more money than many celebs in Ghana.
According to her, even though people walk around with celeb status, they were still struggling to make ends meet.
She then indicated that the reason for such disparities in economies was the leadership problem and asked that all leaders in the country be fired for there to be a reset of mindset.
Efia Odo wished for there to be new-age minded people to be put at the helm of affairs of the country.
Her tweet read: “Somebody working in McDonalds in America makes more money than most of us celebs in Ghana. Ghana fame brings no money! All this fame and Artists are struggling. The people in position all need to be fired and new age minded people need to be hired. We need a reset button !”
Many fans and followers of the actress and social media goddess could not agree more as they shared stories of their relatives working abroad making millions of cedis.
In yet another tweet, Efia Odo stated:There’s no future for us, on God. How much do teachers, bankers, doctors make in Ghana?? It’s either you come from a good home or you’re doing fraud. Our structure in every aspect is horrible!”
This time Efia Odo compared the monthly salaries of some professions in Ghana and stated that unless one was from a wealthy home or into fraud, the system would end up frustrating you.
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One of Kumawood’s youngest actresses now turned singer, Yaa Jackson, has  been admitted to the hospital after collapsing on August 26, 2020.

The 19-year-old entertainer was rushed to the hospital after passing out following an illness. In a trending video the Tear Rubber singer is spotted lying unconscious in the back seat a car.

An unseen young woman believed to be a close friend or relative of the singer was heard asking for help from the driver of the car.

Out of fear and panic, the scared lady was heard calling out Yaa Jackson’s name but there was no response from the singer.

Her weave-on cap was seen on the floor after she was rushed out of her apartment into the waiting car.

The video is currently trending on social media, however, the cause of her collapse is yet to be known and we are yet to get an official release on the incident.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Celebrity and lifestyle blogger, Ameyaw Debrah has opened up on his professional relationship with award-winning dancehall star, Shatta Wale.

While speaking in an exclusive interview with Nkonkonsa.com, Ameyaw Debrah stated categorically that he had blacklisted Shatta Wale for the past six years and still counting.
According to Ameyaw, the whole blacklisting started after he put up a story of how Shatta Wale who was billed to for a show together with Samini some years ago, performed for hours before allowing Samini to also perform.
Ameyaw said after he reported on the issue, he received a call from Shatta Wale’s camp and they accused him of being biased towards the Ayoo hitmaker.
The celebrity blogger added that the conversation ended with a threat after Shatta Wale told him to stop writing about him if he (Ameyaw) valued his life.
Ameyaw added that from then on, he decided to blacklist Shatta Wale and barred himself from writing about him.
Ghana’s arguably number 1 blogger went on to add that he happened to be on the same flight with Shatta Wale and other stars on a trip to Tamale the next day.
Ameyaw said while he captured all the people that were billed for the show being organized by Mimie Andani, he left out Shatta Wale.
He recounted that when people asked why he did that, he explained that he had been in a conversation with the dancehall star and he received a threat.
Ameyaw Debrah added that even six years after making the decision to block one of the most influential entertainers in Ghana, he was still thriving and doing very well for himself.
According to Ameyaw, he would only post something which had Shatta Wale on it only if it was paid PR for an event.
Ameyaw added that after he started Ameyaw TV, Shatta Wale sent him a direct message and said that they (he and Ameyaw) should not fight but rather try and make money together.
When asked who the most influential Ghanaian artiste was, Ameyaw Debrah indicated that he would pick Sarkodie over Shatta Wale any day.
Watch the full interview below:

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The lawyer for musician Mzbel says his client is yet to be charged after she was arrested and granted bail on Monday.

According to Lawyer James Appiah Duker, his client was only asked to report to the Police today.

He added that the Police had asked her to come without her lawyer.

“She is in good mood, I have spoken to her this morning and she has been asked to come back to the Police at 12 O’clock this afternoon and hopefully, she is going to be there with one of her lawyers. The Police have themselves indicated that they didn’t even want the lawyers to be there but…,” Lawyer Duker said in an interview on Joy FM.Mzbel, known in her private life as Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah was arrested by the Greater Accra Regional Police Command on Monday.

According to the Police Public Relations Officer of CID, DSP Juliana Obeng, the musician was cautioned under Section 208 of the Criminal Code (Publication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the Public).

Explaining the circumstances leading to the arrest in an interview on Adom FM, DSP Obeng said it relates to a petition filed at the CID by television personality Stacey Amoateng after Mzbel reportedly said in a radio broadcast that she (Stacey) was HIV positive.

DSP Obeng added that Mzbel reported to the Police on her own volition before she was later arrested.

“YOUR TOP BLOGGERS POSTS NONSENSE” – Abena Moet Replies Nigerian Comedian

Popular social media commentator and Radio Show Hostess, Abena Moet, has responded to the host of Pararan Mock News over his comments about Ghanaian media and bloggers.

While speaking in an interview with Ola Micheal on Neat FM, said that she disagreed with the Nigerian for claiming that the Ghanaian media space was full of people who promote quarrel and gossip.
According to Abena Moet, Ghanaian bloggers and media personalities promote Ghanaians and even Africans more than any other nation on the continent.
She went on to add that unlike the notion being created by Ken of Pararan Mock News, Nigerian bloggers also posted a lot of unnecessary stuff.
To prove her point, Abena Moet said she visited the IG page of one of Nigeria’s top bloggers, Tunde Ednut, only to see him posting ‘nonfa’.
Abena Moet added that Ghanaians promoted Beyonce’s Black Is King Album more than Nigerians even though there were Nigerian acts on the project.
She therefore vehemently rejected the claim being made by the Nigerian on-screen personality.
In making her point, Abena Moet added that Ghana’s media space is meant for the promotion of celebs therefore there was nothing wrong with bloggers promoting beef between two celebs.
In effect, Abena Moet indicated that when the time came for positive things to be promoted, Ghanaians did so and when it was time to promote beef too, the media did their bit.
Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Musician, Mzbel, known in real life as Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah has been picked up by the Greater Accra Regional Police Command.

According to reports, television personality, Stacy Amoateng, reported the “16 Years” hitmaker to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service for defamation of character.

Stacy took this decision after Mzbel sat on a radio show to claim that Prophet Nigel Gaisie had told her that the Revelation Show host was HIV positive.

Police Public Relations Officer of CID, DSP Juliana Obeng confirmed the news to the press on Monday, 24th August, 2020.

Mzbel said Stacy is HIV positive per information she got from prophet Nigel Gaisie during one of their meetings.

“Mzbel came to the CID headquarters on her own but she was officially arrested” DSP Juliana Obeng revealed.

DSP Juliana Obeng also said the musician had been cautioned on Section 208 of the Criminal Code which is on publication of false news.

Mzbel is expected back at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service today, Tuesday, 25 August 2020, to answer to claims of defamation levelled against her.

Mzbel is reported to have made the defamatory remarks on Accra-based Onua FM.

The issue came up during the early days of the viral Papa No saga.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 



Ghanaian media personality, MzGee, has raised domestic violence concerns against Stonebwoy. According to the TV3 presenter, the dancehall artiste is creating the impression that he beats his wife at home.

MzGee’s comment comes on the back of reports around Stonebwoy’s physical assault on Angel Town at the Black Love virtual concert.

Speaking on TV3, MzGee said people are beginning to doubt that Stonebwoy is a gentleman, adding, “I’ve heard people alleged that with this attitude perhaps he beats his wife at home and all of that”.

The panelists on the show, Ola Michael, George Britton and ExDoe, opposed her comment but she added that “that’s the impression he is beginning to create in the minds of people, my producer is screaming she agrees”.

Ola Michael cautioned her that she couldn’t say so because Stonebwoy’s wife has never complained and in replied in the video below that she said she has seen such comments on social media and it’s not far fetched from the issue.


Host of Nigerian satirical show, Pararan Mock News, has claimed that the media space in Ghana only enjoys promoting quarrels and beef instead of promoting artistes.

While speaking on one edition of the show, the comic show host indicated that he had monitored the media space in Ghana for a while and all he noticed was beef and gossip.
He added that bloggers and media personnel in Ghana including TV and radio show hosts found pleasure in promoting trending fights ad controversies.
According to him, he would rather have loved to see the media in Ghana promoting players in the creative industry rather than just dwelling on misunderstanding.
The host believed to be called Ken, said unlike Ghana, Nigeria ensured that they were using the media space to promote artistes.
Throwing more light on his claims, Ken said that Nigerian media players promoted their mainstream and top acts alongside the underground acts so as to give them mileage.
He however noted that the Ghanaian media space was noted for promoting beef between artistes and between popular people.
Ken cited the example of Kennedy Agyapong and his series of exposing pastor he claimed were fake and the viral Papa No saga involving Mzbel-Tracey Boakye and Gloria Kani.
Source: NKONKONSA.com