Television News Achor Serwaa Amihere is demanding a public apology from CEO of Consumer Rights Protection Agency, Mr. Kofi Capito for objectifying her on stage during the just Radio and Television Personality Awards 2019.

According to creadible information gathered by Peacefmonline.com, Kofi has quickly gone to apologise to Serwaa, after she tweeted her displeasure about the former’s comments but said she would only accept his apology on condition he does it publicly.

Kofi Kapito, who was on stage to present an award at the DOPHIL RTP Awards on Saturday October 12, 2019, made a comment about how nice her backside was. “Serwaa Amihere, look at your butt, nice!” he said.

This didn’t go down well with the newscaster and she has described the comments by Kofi Kapito as “disrespectful” and a classic case of “sexual harassment”.

I had so much respect for Mr. Kofi Kapito. This is a classic case of sexual harassment. I’m appalled by his utterances. This was needless and completely disrespectful!” she tweeted.

Serwaa who won the “Best Female Television Newscaster of the Year” on the night has revealed to Peacefmonline.com that Kofi Capito came to her office on Monday morning October 14, after her tweet to apologise to her personally, and while she appreciates his efforts for driving all the way to her office to show remorse, she would accept his apology only if it is done in public because he made his “disgraceful” comment in public.

She however added that Kofi Capito walked off and has blatantly refused to render a public apology.

Kofi Capito has also confirmed to Peacefmonline.com that he indeed went to Serwaa’s office inside GH One Television on Monday to genuinely apologise to her and make amends but she insisted on a public apology.

….I went ahead to complain to a management member of GH One Television who is Serwaa’s boss about her cold reception and the management member told me to forget about Serwaa if she is not satisfied with the personal apology….So that was why i left Serwaa’s office on Monday,” the Consumer Rights Protection CEO stated.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com


Actress Vicky Zugah has revealed that most up-and-coming actresses who are desperate to get to the top easily give in to sexual advances from movie producers and directors.

The actress noted that the phenomenon of sex for roles is a growing canker in the movie industry and producers are using that to take advantage of young actresses.

Speaking in an interview with Naa Ashorkor on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM Saturday, Vicky stated that the issue is on the rise and it is absolutely strange if a director does not ask an actress for sex for a role.

“Sex for roles in the movie industry is very real. I won’t lie about. It’s happened, it’s happening and it will happen again tomorrow and it’s normal,” she said.

“If you are a woman and you are in the industry and no one is asking you out like a producer, a director or someone who is in charge isn’t asking you for sex then, there is something wrong with you. This is what I think because men are attracted to what they see. If you are a fine girl, they will definitely ask you for something,” the ‘My Darling Princess’ actress explained.

“Some [up-and-coming actresses] who are very desperate. They like to get to the top in a minute, so they give it out to get what they want so it’s very real,” she revealed.

With over a decade’s experience in the movie industry, Vicky Zugah disclosed that several directors and producers have demanded sex from her before they give her a role.

Asked if she has ever given in to any of the advances, she responded in the negative and said in “most cases I lose the role.”

The mother of two, however, admitted that she has had a sexual relationship with a director but not for a role.

“You don’t have to necessarily put people in a movie just because you are sleeping with them or you are dating them; it’s not right. This is one of the reasons the industry is not progressing,” Vicky lamented.

She added that most big movies feature actresses who have slept with directors or producers, and therefore, do not deserve their roles.

“You see some people playing a certain kind of role that they don’t fit in,” she stated.

The actress, who also revealed that some directors and producers demand cash for roles, advised up-and-coming actresses to work hard if they want to get to the top.

Source: Myjoyonline.com


The chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, HRH Oscar Yao Doe has called out the Head of Banking Supervision at the Bank of Ghana, Osei Gyasi, adding him to the list of individuals that needed to be questioned over the ongoing banking crisis in Ghana.

The multimillionaire businessman was chronic of Mr Osei Gyasi who he said he used to take for a brilliant person until he had course to deal with his office at BoG. HRH Doe Believes Gyasi is one of the architects of the on-going crisis.

He said all these in a latest public post. Before now, the philanthropist has been critical of the persons of the finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Ernest Addison and Nii Amanor Dodoo, a former principal at KPMG Ghana, alleging them of complicity in the process that led to the collapse of some indigenous financial institutions and local companies in the country recently. Read the post in full below….

“I Thought This Gentleman, Osei Gyasi (Head Of Banking Supervision, Bank of Ghana) Was Brilliant, Till I Dealt With His Office. He Is Part Of The Problem.

The Question Is Which Criteria Do We Use In Ghana To Appoint People Into Very Important Portfolios? Is It Masters Degree. Is IT Ph.D? Or (Just) Chairing Committees And Doing Some Feasibility Studies?

I Suppose This Is The Criteria.. Any Person (To Be Considered For Public Portfolios) Must Have Demonstrated Or Proved Personal Achievements Either In The Public Or Private Sector Before A High Profile Portfolio Can Be Given To Handle Because The Ability To Make Very Critical Decisions Within A Moment Is (Very) Key. And Most Importantly, The Ability To Make Decisions Based On Fairness And Open Mindedness Is Extremely Essential.

With All Due Respect To His Family, I Score Mr Osei Gyasi A Zero In Terms Of Performance! I Think He Is Just There Doing ‘Yes Sir Master (A Yesman Job). Because, It Took 4 Beautiful Months To Respond To A Letter Which Is Bringing Money To The State. Meanwhile, Too Much Nonsense Of Noise Was Going Via The Media Through The Bank Of Ghana Publications “We Are Protecting Depositors’ Money”, We Are Cleaning The Banking Sector”, The Recovery Process Is Slow”, This And That! Yet, Pure Deception. Time Will Tell”.


Actress Yvonne Nelson is envisaging that sex for grades won’t end any time soon considering the provocative dressing of some female students in the country’s tertiary institutions.

According to her, the once-revered private parts of ladies is currently on display on social media which could be a recipe to the conduct of some lecturers

Her comments come on the back of a discussion on sex for grades in some Tertiary Institutions in the country.

She noted that amidst the conversation, there is the need to take note of the fact that young ladies are also a contributory factor to the demand for s*x for grade from lecturers because places which hitherto were covered are now made open to the public.

Her tweet read “Sex for grades! Sex for jobs! Sex for everything in our part of the world! Your brains don’t matter here. It’s the covered parts they want, oh wait, these parts aren’t covered anymore…it’s free on social media. Will it ever change??”

There’s now a culture on social media, especially Instagram and snapchat where young ladies expose their bodies to men just to get get some monies from them. Some women have made it a cash cow where they make all their money from.


This world mental day it’s time to change how the public think about mental health. The Mental Health Society of Ghana are leading a campaign to end mental health stigma in Greater Accra.

A group of 25 women and men who have experienced mental health problems such as bipolar and depression are taking action to end stigma and discrimination in Greater Accra. By sharing their personal stories, they want to challenge myths and change how their communities think about mental health.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. To mark this day and raise awareness of mental health, the champions will be running an event and speaking out at the University of Professional, Accra. The Mental Health Society of Ghana (MEHSOG) are working with UK-based NGO Time to Change Global and international disability and development organisation, CBM. They will develop, test, deliver and evaluate a pilot anti-stigma campaign, led by the group of volunteer ‘champions’. Four other pilot campaigns are launching with local NGOs in India, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

MEHSOG seek to represent and unite all people with mental illness and epilepsy in Ghana. An important part of this work is to educate the public, increase awareness and reduce mental health stigma. Despite being a common problem in Ghana, they know more needs to be done to challenge myths and get people talking openly about mental health problems. The champions are supported by a Project Coordinator, Abena Korkor, who has her own experience of bipolar disorder. She said, “By sharing your experience, it helps people realise they might also have problems with their own mental health. But more than this, it helps
them to be a little more sympathetic. On World Mental Health Day, this is so important!”

People with personal experience of mental health problems are at the heart of the campaign. Their stories show the real impact of mental health stigma in Ghana, but they also offer hope – that recovery is possible and that public ideas about mental illness can change. The 25 champions are running a series of events to reach members of the public, share their stories and challenge ideas about what it means to have a mental health problem. As well as the latest event at University of Professional, Accra, other events have taken place at 6 locations in Greater Accra, namely, Accra mall, West Hills mall, Nima Market, Mallam Atta
market, Achimota mall and the University of Ghana.

The champions stories show the real impact of mental health stigma in Ghana, but they also offer hope – that recovery is possible and that public ideas about mental illness can change. Champion, Martha says, “We can make things better for people with mental illness by talking. That is why I wanted to be a champion. I want to tell people when you fall, it does not mean you’ll remain there. You can stand up. There is hope.”Champion, Bernard, explains how mental health stigma has affected him, “The stigma is everywhere. The respect given to you diminishes. For a long time, when I see my family and I open my mouth to speak, everybody turns their face in the opposite direction.”

Alongside the Champion-led events, work is underway to develop a behaviour change campaign to transform public attitudes, perceptions and behaviour towards mental health in Greater Accra. Four audience research groups were carried out by Consumer Insights Consult Africa, to shape the behaviour change campaign and understand how people in Accra think and feel about mental health problems. This research showed that there is low knowledge and understanding of mental health problems in Ghana and that the ideas and opinions the public do have are largely negative.

“They are not predictable. You don’t know when they will strike”. “If a family member has a mental illness, people will not even want to marry from your home” Research group participants were also asked to think about how to challenge negative perceptions. Building empathy and showing that recovery is possible were some of the core recommendations from the research. “I wouldn’t like to be in that situation and people rejecting me, if I see a person in that situation I would like offer a helping hand because it might happen to me as well” Understanding how people in Accra feel about mental health will ensure this behaviour
change campaign can address public fears, misunderstandings and stereotypes.

Mental Health Society of Ghana (MEHSOG) is one of the leading non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Ghana working to improve the mental health and human rights of people in Ghana and contribute to national development. About Time to Change Global and CBM Around the world, people living with mental health problems face isolation, exclusion from work and family and abuses of their human rights.

After more than 10 years of work to reduce mental health stigma in England and Wales, Time to Change Global was launched in 2018. Local organisations and people with personal experience of mental health problems are at the heart of the programme. In Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, they will be supported to shape and lead campaigns to tackle stigma and discrimination. These five pilot campaigns will look very different, depending on the needs and capacity of each local partner. Time to Change Global is run by the UK-based mental health charities, Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. The programme is delivered in partnership with international disability and development organisation CBM and funded by the UK Department of Health and Social Care and Comic Relief.


Ten years after Sparrow Productions’ (now Sparrow Pictures) acclaimed romantic comedy-The Perfect Picture, multiple-award winning film-maker-Shirley Frimpong-Manso has assembled the cast on the back of a new plot for ‘The Perfect Picture – Ten Years Later’ movie.

It’s always a challenge and risky to put a sequel to a classic, even if it comes 10 years after the original. But Sparrow Pictures believes it can break the box office success it chalked ten years ago with the original production—with a captivating storyline that will not only bring back memories but create new enduring ones.

The Perfect Picture was about three beautiful women pushing their thirties and making bold attempts to change their lives even when destiny plays its joke on them.

In ‘The Perfect Picture -Ten Years Later’ the girls are back, pushing their forties and their lives haven’t lost one spark of the drama they had 10 years ago. In fact, these girls are older, wiser and saddled with more issues in their not so fairy-tale relationships. It’s the rollercoaster ride of imperfect husbands, repentant ex-boyfriends, financial woes and sexual liberation with a touch of a miracle that drive the spirit of their stories.

It is ‘Life, Love and everything in between’ for these returning cast/characters—which include Jackie Appiah (Aseye), Lydia Forson (Dede), Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku (Akasi), Adjetey Anang (Fella), Chris Attoh (Larry), Joselyn Dumas (Flora), John Dumelo (Taylor), Kwaku Sintim-Misa (Doctor Biney), and a brand new cast/characters headed by ace Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo popularly known as RMD (Sam), Gideon Okeke (Yobanna), Beverly Naya (Samantha), Anita Erskine (Angela), Gloria Sarfo (Susanna), and Raphael Boakye (Nigel)

Written by Shirley Frimpong-Manso, ‘The Perfect Picture -Ten Years Later’ is also directed by her along with beautiful Cinematography by Ken Attoh and produced by the powerhouse duo.

‘Been prepping for this for ten years, I can’t wait till everyone sees the magic we are creating’. Shirley Frimpong-Manso

‘This is a great opportunity to outdo a classic while creating another classic. The Perfect Picture – Ten Years Later’ will be visually stunning. Ken Attoh

With its vibrant costume, indigenous music and unique locations, ‘The Perfect Picture – Ten Years Later’ has been endorsed and included as part of the celebration for Year of Return in support of the campaign to position Ghana as a key travel destination for African Americans and the African Diaspora.

The film is expected to be out doored in a grand premier in Ghana at the Labadi Beach Hotel on Sunday, 1st December 2019 before making it to Silverbird cinemas in Ghana on 14th December, and in Nigeria on 20th December. It will also show regionally across Ghana and in cinemas and festivals around the world.


Nelly Hagan-Deegbe (Duaba Serwa), Pistis, Le Bon Collections, Kwaku Bediako (Chocolate Clothing), Saki Cole, Belinda Ofori (Turqoise Couture), Lokita, Atto Tetteh, Jeremiah Mensah, Steve French Oduro (Steve French)

Year of Return, Dstv Ghana

Donors: Labadi Beach Hotel, Samsung, Whitechalk The Planner, Akka Pakka Agency, Net to Work, Spa216, Ys.dazzle

Web address: www.theperfectpicturemovie.com
Hashtag: #theperfectpicturemovie


Produced by Glitz Africa, the exciting, Pan-African celebrity, fashion and lifestyle magazine, GAFW brings together esteemed industry players and fashion enthusiasts to interact in a fun-packed week at the plush Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra from 17th October to 20th October, 2019.

GAFW presents the perfect opportunity to meet fab designers across Africa showcasing their collections, models, fashionistas, celebrities and influencers in an atmosphere of glitz, fashion and style. This year, Glitz Africa organized the Young Creative Design Talent competition to harness the skills of emerging designers and give them the platform to showcase their designs to an international audience.

The event will begin with a Beauty Forum on Thursday, 17th October at the Labadi Beach Hotel and a private cocktail party at the residence of the French Ambassador.

Other activities for the event include:

1st day (18th Oct.) – Young Design Talent show, Runway shows

2nd day (19th Oct.) – Business of fashion seminar, photography sessions, exhibitions, graduate show and runway shows

3rd day (20th Oct.) – Presentations, runway shows and after party

The GAFW Trade Tent/Retail Lounge will be open from Friday (18th) to Sunday (20th) – from 10am to 9pm for guests to interact with fashion retailers and designers and make purchases as well.

For inquiries, send an email to info@glitzafricafashionweek.com or call 050 158 1265.

Tickets are available at the Glitz Africa office at Labadi opposite the Trade Fair Centre, top floor of the First Atlantic Bank.

GAFW19 is brought to you by Vlisco, Mizani, Maybelline New York, NBSSI, ITC – She Trades, Year of Return and Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra. Media partners are: Live FM, Starr FM, eTV, Y FM.

#GAFW19 – Our Fashion, Our Heritage

Glitz Africa Magazine is a Pan-African aspirational brand that embraces Lifestyle, Fashion, Wellness & Trends of the new African Global Citizen.

For general enquiries, advertisement & subscription, email us at info@glitzafrica.com,  or subscription@glitzafrica.com or  call 0302 798 513.  The Glitz Africa office is located at Labadi, opposite the Trade Fair Centre, top floor of the First Atlantic Bank building.

Find Glitz Africa online on:

Twitter – @glitzafrica, @glitzafricafwk

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Ghanaian actress and Model, Moesha Boduong has called on Ghanaian women to support each rather than hating.

Moesha in a congratulatory post on snapchat to Big Brother Naija 2019 winner Mercy, commended how Nigerian women came together to support Mercy to win the ultimate prize and she said she wishes Ghanaian women would emulate Nigerian women and how they support each other.

“I love how Nigerian women came together to support Mercy and made history. I wish Ghanaian women see this and stop gossiping, body shaming other women and love one another. Together we can all win. Congrats to Mercy”.

Moesha thinks this unity among Nigerians would never happen in Ghana.

“I love how Nigerians Supported Mercy. This will never happen in Ghana”.

Moesha Boduong has starred in movies such as Pool Party, Bloodline, Grey Dawn, Rape Case, Amakye and Dede, John and John and Everyday People. However, she is mostly known for her Instagram photos where she usually flaunts her voluptuous body.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 




A new drive hailing APP known as TopazTaxi has been Launched to add to the increasing competitive online driving environment. Speaking at the soft launch, Akosua Boakye, the Business Development Partner at Streams Consulting Limited a franchisee of TopazTaxi said TopazTaxi is here to fill the gap left by other operators by making it services nationwide and also introducing lifetime packages to driver partners.
As we speak TopazTaxi is available in all the regional and districts across Ghana. TopazTaxi is again challenged by the fact that even the cities in Ghana still have road transportation gaps which needs to be filled. It’s a big challenge every morning and evening during to see trolls of commuters waiting for a bus or taxi.
The special guest of honor at the ceremony Mr. Theophilus Opoku a technologist and Transport industry analyst has this to say “This is not just another competitor in the Ride-Hailing App Market but the game changer for the transport market. TopazTaxi gives riders the option of a posh Private Saloon, SUVs, Yellow Taxi, Courier Service, Car Rentals, Car Pooling and more. Riders are given the choice of paying for the trip with cash, mobile money and later to be added credit/debit card. The APP is available at the Google and Apple stores with a dedicated App for Drivers – TopazDriver with amazing features.
This an all-inclusive online transport APP with very exciting features that gives variety to riders. In addition plans a far advance to incorporate the following into the APP, Online mechanic, a provident fund scheme, access to ‘work and pay’ schemes, police hotline and many more.
The business model of TopazTaxi is to work with Franchisees to ensure excellent customer care for  Partner Drivers and Riders. When questioned about the price competitiveness and robustness of the APP this was the response from the Customer Care Partner at Streams Consulting Mrs. Angela Acheampong “Our prices are adjusted to meet the changing fuel prices while offering great incentives to cushion drivers and riders. “ TopazTaxi runs on a solid platform with full Ghanaian ownership and support from our US office. From Ghana TopazTaxi will soon be making inroads in other countries across


The quest of many Ghanaians to make it in life has made many fall prey to wicked men in many parts of the world. Whenever a Ghanaian is abused on a foreign land, the believe is that, indigenes of their host  country are the abusers.

A story from a young Ghanaian who sojorn to Libya is giving a different direction about torture that is meted to Ghanaians outside their home country.

Appiah (not his real name) was working as a teacher in Goaso in the Ahafo Region of Ghana peacefully until a friend told him of the numerous job opportunities in Libya.

Convince that Libya will provide him with a better job that will pay him well, He started the journey from Tudu in Accra and used Niger route to Libya.

While in Libya, His contact was at work and he (Appiah) had to find a place to stay till his host return from work on his off day.

At Agadez, he was told that, there is a Ghanaian at Sabah still in Libya who can accommodate him till he finally see his contact. Unknown to him, the Ghanaian he contacted was a kidnapper. He (the victim) was locked up in a room with others.

In the room were some Ghanaians and other nationals. They were forced to tell their families back home that they have fallen into the hands of some wicked Arabs and until monies are transferred to the Ghanaian by name Kwadwo Asante for him to pay a ransom to the kidnappers, they will suffer and die in pain.

Until the requested ransom is paid, beatings and torture is the order of the day.

Attached to this story is a video of his narration and evidence of the torture.