Head of A&R at Zylofon Media, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson popularly known as Bull Dog has reported attacked Afro Dance Singer Stonebwoy who is a signee of the same record label.

Bulldog with some employees of Zylofon Media were at Champs Bar inside Paloma Hotel in Accra on Saturday night, March 10 to retrieve a car from Stonebwoy when the musician had gone there for a show.

According to reports, the confrontation got out of hands there were gunshots because of the misunderstanding which happened between the Zylofon signed artiste and the workers.

Eyewitnesses say Bulldog’s men hit Stonebwoy’s brother, snatched his wallet containing an unspecified amount of money and attempted to seize Stonebwoy Mercedes Benz but Stonebwoy security men did not allow Bulldog and his men to move the car.

Stonebwoy’s younger brother who injured in the process has reportedly filed a case of assault and theft against Bulldog born Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson at the Nima Police station.

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Award-winning celebrity blogger and founder of Ameyaw Debrah Media, Ameyaw Kissi Debrah wedded his long time fiancée Elsie Darkoa Yobo on Saturday at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

This was after his traditional marriage ceremony in Accra on Tuesday, March 6.

Ameyaw Debrah tells his Love story and how he met his better half.

love at 35, daddy at 36, hubby at 37

The last 3 years of my life have been exciting because I allowed myself to escape the comfort of hiding at home and my work to find love.

It came when I wasn’t expecting it, but at a time that I needed it. I was getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again; for although I loved it, it sometimes became lonely. And although I love the tranquillity and peace in loneliness, turning 35 was a good milestone to reflect over my life.

Darkoa was amongst the 35 family and friends I had selected to celebrate my 35th birthday with me over a dinner.

She was visiting Ghana for the first time since I started talking to her. The first memory I have of her was in May 2016 when I was in France, attending the Cannes film festival.

She had called, (through WhatsApp I think) to enquire about the services of an MC for a wedding. I told her I don’t do such but due to my work I could suggest someone for her. Few days later she called again to thank me although they couldn’t use the person I has suggested for the MC job.

She drew a likeness for me and I her. And for some reasons although I typically hate chatting on WhatsApp with people I don’t know in real life, I became fond of her and gave her a lot more time than I give others.

We became buddies and as the universe would have it, she was meant to come to Ghana in the month of my birthday.

She surprised me with some pre_birthday gifts when she arrived in town. And when my birthday was due, I invited her to join my family and friends for dinner. And offer she refused initially but later called to accept.

The biggest dinner happened and there were a few more dinners later. And before she left Ghana, it was clear that we had some sparks.

So we continued exploring our friendship farther apart. But day in day out, we drew closer despite the distance. We would talk at odd hours due to the time difference about important and nor so important stuff.


At a time when there are several prophecies in the media coming from men of God and some of them are shrouded in doubts, fast rising Gospel Singer, Sarah Sarkodie has a different opinion on prophecies.

Sarah has revealed that before she started her music career, a pastor prophesied that she would become a musician and sing to the world one day and it has come become a reality.

She shared her story.

“My musical carrier started when a prophecy came through one of our senior prophet (James Boadu). This man had this prophecy when I was 16 years of age.  Well to elaborate on how this prophecy came, we had a big crusade in my hometown (Offinso).

During the crusade he called me as well as my mother, then he conducted 7 pastor and 7 elders to stand around both of us.  And all that he said was that God has me a great voice to sing.  He continued to say that God has ordained me to send gospel music to the world.  The men later prophesy that an important sign need to be done for me.  To be more specific my mother was also a singer of all time and she was told to accept the fact that God want to take her the way she sing to add up to mine.  Precisely she agreed that the sign should be done for me.  And the prophet delivered me, made the sign.

After years, I got married and my husband moved us to Accra.  So a time came when I started hearing voices singing to me and of how to compose music.  It even became so clear that I see songs written on a wall for me to write it down.

This voice occur irrespectively wherever I found myself even when am in the bathhouse.  One faithful day I was in the bathhouse when I heard this voice again wanting me to write a song down and frankly speaking I neglected the voice, which I decided to finish bathing.  I heard the voice again asking me to write the song down other than that I may forget it but still I neglected it.  Instantly my sponge fell, and bowing down to pick it up a cane from no where whipped my back hardly, so I ran out to put the song down, coming out my mother asked me that why am I out with this soupy water on me.

Quietly I by pass her with immediate effect to write the song down.  My mother in a haste followed up to ask me what’s going on, so I explain to her the voices of song I have been hearing and wanting me to write it down and as well as visions.  Immediately she knelt down to glorify God and gave thanks for letting this prophesy come true. I realize that the prophecy Opanyin James Boadu prophesy on me has come to pass, well this how my whole music carrier started”, she shared her story.

Sarah Sarkodie who is now making waves is currently out with a single “Onyame Wo So” from her album titled “Osoro Akasa”.

Watch the video below:


TV Africa has shown the process of becoming a strong emerging television brand in the face of the fierce competition on the local market front through the re-launch of its newly branded programs and shows.

PAE MU KA, a gossip show translated in the Akan language which simply means “say it all with no holds barred” seems to be the hottest and most sought-after live gossip show on TV today. The show hits you with the latest trending issues on celebrity faux pas.

This new direction and market positioning stem from building a brand reputation of an Afropolitan status with a blend of pan-Africanism.

PAE MU KA is hosted by a young, vibrant, fire-brand called in showbiz as Aysha Papabi. The show is the collector of all filla – good and bad, the packaging warehouse of all celebrity dilemmas, brouhaha and confusion; and the reporter of the good news.

It seeks to narrate, reveal, explain and highlight in bits and pieces everything showbiz.

Aysha is a rare millennial born, 14th September, in Kwahu in the Easter Region. She exhibits a lot of character, finesse, and maturity in her presentation style. Some would categorize her as the budding young potential.

Stay glued to PAE MU KA every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 4pm-4: 30 pm, who knows…You could be the next on the hot seat.


Actress/Photo Model, Moesha Boduong celebrated her birthday, showing Ghanaians a far different side of herself.

The actress visited the Hopesetters Autism Center in Tema for a day of fun and mingling with the kids in the school.

The actress, speaking at the event, said that she hopes others in the industry would take the cue and also take time for special needs children.

“I’m happy to be here with these kids, I really appreciate them and I ask God to be their comforter and bless them more,” she said.

“I want to use this opportunity to encourage my colleagues in the industry to remember children with special need. It us make efforts to make their world beautiful with all the love they deserve. I will definitely come here again,” she added.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 



Outspoken Broadcast Journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah said she no man has ever broken her heart before.

The popular Television News Anchor, has disclosed that she’s never experienced extreme grief after ending her romantic relationships with her any of former boyfriends.

The 2017 Radio and Television award-winning personality revealed that after her former boyfriend announced their break up, she never felt bad about it, she drove to Frankies to buy ice cream and got over the break up the following day.

“There is a saying that, a heart that has never been broken is a heart that has never been loved but for me personally I’ve never had a broken heart in my life.”


Actress/Model, Victoria Lebene has slammed an on going social media campaign on fear #FearKillsDreams.

The campaign which seeks to bring to the fore how people live their lives in the shadow of their fears and how they can face their fear enable them accomplish their full potential, features some of Ghana’s leading known personalities such as Nana Aba Anamoah, Kofi Okyere Darko, Brommon, Jon Germain, Samini, Edem, Kemini Amanor and Fiifi Coleman speaking to their individual definitions of fear and what it does to us.

However, Victoria Lebene seem to disagree with the initiators of the #FearKillsDreams because she believes it is people who kill dreams and not fear as the campaign seek to project.

She expressed her opinion about the on going fear campaign via her Instagram.

Read her post unedited below:

“Dedicating this article to some of the young talents in the Creative arts industry and in Ghana as a whole. 

I stand against the notion that fear kills dreams. Yes it’s true that fear is the unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger. Unfortunately, negative thoughts and self-doubt breeds negativity. Inferiority complex, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and a lot more. All these are contributing factors to fear but the question is where are all these being derived from?

 There are tons of women out there who are one way or the other frustrated, they have poured out energies to no good, they’ve tried seeking platforms where they could execute their talents and aspirations but hardly do they get the chance. Fraustration out of these canker of #SexForJobs #SexForGrades #SexForRoles #SexforEverything. Some authorities that would want sex while they seek platforms to exhibit talents or jobs to better themselves.

 I’ve had series of messages through my media platforms of young ladies and their encounter with men asking for help to bring forth their modeling or acting career and some who are even ready to work with me as helps in my house. Look at some young ladies going all out in bikini and semi nude shoots, going out for auditions, meeting with agency casting calls, sleeping in music studios and so forth. Do you ever think they are fearful? Do you think if they were that scared, afraid, they would ever dare to? It’s simply because they do not have the right platforms to exhibit, practice and execute their thoughts and capabilities.

I think it’s high time we embraced talents from all angles, appreciate young talents and crafts, accept people the way they are and help in bettering them even if they have flaws and stop focusing on fear, fear has noting to do with dreams unless there is no hope to live that Dream. 

I am standing in for the youth in this country that have somehow tried their best to pursue their dreams and had no opportunity even when they tried. Let’s kill the causes of all dream killers and rather advocate for #dreamkillsfear It is people that kill dreams, not ‘ fear ‘Young generations need genuine help without no strings attached!”

Watch video of the Fear Campaign below:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Ghanaians are gearing up for what is set to be an emotion-filled campaign on a subject that resonates with us all, that one thing that inhibits us from achieving our full potential: FEAR.

The first campaign video went live on Monday, and features some of Ghana’s leading known personalities such as Nana Aba Anamoah, Kofi Okyere Darko, Brommon, Jon Germain, Samini, Edem, Kemini Amanor and Fiifi Coleman speaking to their individual definitions of fear and what it does to us.

The campaign seeks to bring to the fore how people live their lives in the shadow of their fears; how they allow the fears to hold them back; to inhibit them from taking that important step in accomplishing their full potential in all spheres of life.

Over the next few weeks, the personalities will speak to their biggest fears in life and will also give the opportunity to Ghanaians from all walks of life to join in on the conversation to share their unique, genuine stories of their biggest fears.

The initiators of the campaign say they hope that this emotion-enabled campaign will spark an awakening for all who are struggling to overcome their individual fears and, in the end, provide that motivation, and confidence to help people face their fears and overcome them to achieve whatever dream they have. 


Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has alleged that some movie producers demanded sex from her in exchange for movie roles.

While this is no news in the Ghanaian movie industry, she revealed that she didn’t succumb to these pressures, as she knows her worth.

She lamented that sex for role is a widespread canker that has eaten into the movie industry over the years across the world.

“It happens a lot in the industry. It’s quite a controversial question but you know I’ve met producers on production sets and they’ve tried to make a few advances here and there,” Yvonne Nelson told the BBC in an interview that was aired on Thursday March 8, 2018.

“My thing is that if somebody wants to do that, just walk away because I know my value, I know what I bring to the table, I know that hey, you called me for the job and I know I can nail it so if you know that you want something in exchange, I’m sorry,” she said.

Ghanaian actress, model, film producer and entrepreneur Yvonne  Nelson has starred in about 100 movies including Princess Tyra, House of Go, If Tomorrow Never Comes and Any Other Monday.


Renowned UK- based Ghanaian gospel artiste, Sonnie Badu, has been honoured with three awards by the State of Georgia in the United States of America.

The three awards include the Honorary Georgia Citizenship Award, the President’s LifeTime Achievement Award and the Humanitarian Award, which were presented to Sonnie Badu at the opening of the Rock Hill Church in Atlanta.

The awards were to congratulate the ‘Wonder God’ hitmaker for his enduring commitment to America.

In presenting the award, the representatives of Georgia State capital stated that the Honorary Georgia Citizenship Award, which is from the Office of the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brian .P. Kemp, accords Sonnie Badu every courtesy as a goodwill ambassador in his travels to other states and nations beyond the borders of the United States of America and wherever he may go after to reside.

The President’s Life Time Achievement Award was to commend Sonnie Badu for his services to America and those in need, as well as for serving as a model for ‘American Spirit’.

The Humanitarian Award was for Sonnie Badu’s visionary guidance, exceptional leadership and humanitarian service.

An elated Sonnie Badu took to his social media handles to share his joy and talked about “the uncommon favour of God, saying, “Jesus favoured me, if you see him Thank him on my behalf”.

The award makes Dr Badu the first African gospel artiste and preacher to receive a LifeTime Achievement Award from a United States of America president and also the first gospel artiste to receive the honorary citizenship of Georgia.

Sonnie Badu is known to be a recipient of several awards and honours, with the recent one being the UN appointment.