Actress Rose Mensah, known popularly as Kyeiwaa, and her husband, Michael Kissi Asare, sealed their union with a white a wedding ceremony in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday, July 25, 2020.

The ceremony was attended by a number of her relatives and friends. The Kumawood actress trended in January 2020 after reports of her remarrying under the laws of United States of America went viral.

The 57-year-old actress and Michael Kissi Asare went to court to get married at the time. It, therefore, took them six months to organise a white wedding to seal their marriage due to constraints by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is, however, the second time she has said ‘I do’ after her first failed marriage in 2015.

She was married to Kumasi-based spare parts dealer, Daniel Osei, but their union lasted not more than five days. She returned her ring and drinks after she discovered that Osei was already married to another woman.

She was accompanied by her father and a number of Kumawood actors and actresses to annul the marriage. In an interview after the annulment, Kyeiwaa said she was aware Osei had a child with another woman but she didn’t know he was married to her and since she didn’t want to be a second wife, the right thing to do was to annul the marriage.

After the divorce brouhaha, she has been in and out of Ghana, predominantly domiciled in America.


Legendary Ghanaian entertainer and host of the KSM Show, Kwaku Sintim-Misa says no actor makes a fortune from acting in Ghana.

According to KSM, any actor or actress who claims to have made money from acting in the country is deceiving Ghanaians.

He argued that acting in Ghana doesn’t generate lots of money, hence disclosing the actors have a side job that they rely on to better their lives.

To him, to survive solely from acting is an impossible mission.

‘When I see people in Ghana who say I am a professional actor or actress, that’s all I do; I say in your dreams man. And survive in Ghana? That all you’re doing is to act, no; It’s not possible! No way and that’s the only income is from acting in Ghana, no way”

It could be recalled that veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo months ago accused some movie producers of owing him because they had failed to pay him for his acting roles in their movies.

Kofi Adjorlolo shed tears on Peace FM’s entertainment programme dubbed ”Entertainment Review” and threatened to take action against them if they refuse to give him his money.

Following Adjorlolo’s revelations, actor cum fashion designer Elikem Kumordzie argued that his colleagues are near broke because they don’t have a side job but depend solely on the income they make from their acting careers.

He believed the actors will not have many complaints about their financial progress if they would crave multiple streams of income by taking up additional occupations.

KSM, speaking in an interview with Nkonkonsa.com, sided with Elikem Kumordzie stressing the actors making a good living have a separate work to complement their acting career.

”I am saying they do other things to make their money and they use that money to support their acting career [you know]. But I don’t know of anyone who has, only on acting, to say I will be counted among the rich people in Ghana because all I do is act; no”, he said .

The veteran comedian added that the Ghanaian actors and actresses who have enriched themselves primarily derived their riches from penetrating the Nigerian market.

‘Most of the Ghanaian actors who made quite a good amount of money from acting, you’ll realize they were in Nigeria. They did lots of work with Nigeria or they had the Nigerian connection and that’s where most of them made good money and there, money can be made.”

‘But in Ghana, to say you’re purely living, born, bred and you’re acting in Ghana and that you have cash; oh please! Who’s paying you?” he questioned.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Zynnell Zuh, one of Ghana’s biggest names in Entertainment is now using her voice in a new way through the launch of her foundation, aptly named Zynnell Zuh Foundation(@zynnellzuhfoundation)
The Foundation is focused on “orphans and vulnerable youth-related causes” concentrating on areas such as children’s healthcare, orphanage home adoptions, eradicating child poverty, sustainability, mental health, human rights, anti-bullying and education.
This is not @zynnellzuh’s  first go-round with charitable work: In the last 6 years she has worked in partnership with the African Rights Initiative International as an ambassador for the United Against Child Poverty Campaign. She plans to continue working with ARII alongside the work of the Zynnell Zuh Foundation(@zynnellzuhfoundation)
Ignited by a burning passion to advocate for the rights of vulnerable children and youths, Zynnell Zuh says that, “This has been a life long journey for me, I was a member of the Child Rights Club in Wesley Girls High School and became the Organizing Secretary in my final year. It’s been a very long journey and I’m so excited to finally launch The Zynnell Zuh Foundation. For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a way to give back to my fans and amplify the causes that my fans and I care deeply about. My goal in launching the foundation is to work alongside my fans, to do everything I can to provide them with a platform that inspires positive change, and empowers vulnerable children and youths. I am hoping that through this foundation, we can use this as a way to lift each other up, learn together and inspire more people to get involved in giving back,” said Zynnell.
Going forward, fans’ voices will be especially important: donors’ preferences will also help identify the causes the Foundation will support.


Multiple award-winning rapper Sarkodie has incurred the wrath of the Twitter gods after announcing his ambition to be president in 2024.

Many African celebrities, probably spurred on by American rapper Kanye West’s initiative, have announced their intention to ascend the throne of the highest office in their respective countries.

It will be recalled that our very own Princess Shyngle also announced her intention to be Gambia’s president at some point.

In light of this, Sarkodie took to twitter to announce his presidential ambition, and the response was mixed as usual with some encouraging him while others also completely broke his resolve.

Watch Sarkodie’s post below:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


The Minister of Finance, Mr Ken Ofori-Atta has disclosed that dry food packs and hot cooked meals distributed by the government to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic cost GH¢54.3 million.

Additionally, Mr Ofori-Atta stated that the government transferred an amount of GH¢50.2 million to 400,000 beneficiaries under the the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) Programme

Addressing Parliament today, the Minister stated that government through the Gender Ministry and NADMO provided 1,827,581 and 917,142 cooked food packs to vulnerable persons within Accra and Kumasi respectively.

He said: “In collaboration with Faith-Based Organizations (FBO’s), Government also distributed dry food packages to about 470,000 families. Let me extend my deepest gratitude to the Faith-based organisations for this unique partnership with Government and may the Lord count this as righteousness for the FBOs and Government.

“Mr Speaker, the support to households, in terms of supply of dry food packs and hot cooked meals cost Government GH¢54.3 million to enable them mitigate the impact of the pandemic. This was in addition to an amount of GH¢50.2 million transferred to the 400,000 most-vulnerable individuals under the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) Programme”.

He added that, in response to the plight of an estimated 3,212 Ghanaians stranded abroad due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, the government has also rolled out Operation Return Home Programme.

He said as at end-June 2020, a total of 2,250 individuals had been evacuated with Government bearing the full cost of flight and mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine services for 1,116 persons, most of whom are students.

Source: MyJoyonline.com


Mzbel has alleged that broadcast journalist Nana Aba Anamoah “hates” her—and the reason is that she (Mzbel) snatched former UT Bank boss, Kofi Amoabeng, from her.

Speaking on Kantanka TV on Tuesday, she, however, denied the snatching claims, indicating that Nana Aba and Amoabeng’s relationship ended long before she dated him.

She added that she didn’t know “they dated” when she started dating him.

“They dated long before I even came into the picture. I was never friends with Nana Aba. She was never my friend until me and Kofi started going out and then one time she invited me on her show. After the show when I was going home, she sent me a BBM to say we have a common friend and I asked who and she said Kofi. And I said oh OK. I didn’t even know they dated until later. And up till date, she hates me because of that,” she alleged.

“But if you done with somebody or somebody is done with somebody before I came into the picture why do you have to hate me?” she asked.

It has always been a public secret that the two showbiz personalities ‘have had a thing’ with the former UT boss. However, none of them has really opened up about it.

Mzbel was, however, talking about Nana Aba and Kofi Amoabeng for the first time on a show hosted by one Mona Gucci, who had earlier made derogatory remarks about Nana Aba on Neat FM. The station at the time apologised to Nana Aba, who threatened to sue Neat FM.



Kumawood actress and TV show host, Xandy Kamel Mensah has dismissed the popular notion that, money plays a very important role in women’s choice of a man for a relationship.

According to the actress, ladies who are attracted to men with money are only lazy.

She dismissed the generalisation that women love money. To her, a hard working woman does not need a man to live comfortably.

To her, a man is only a bonus in the lives of hard working women. Many people hold the conviction that women love money more than anything in relationships. But Xandy is trying to dispell such with her latest post on social media.

She took to her Instagram page and wrote: “Lazy Women are impressed by men with money. But when a woman works hard, a man with money is just bonus to her and not a ladder for success”.



Ghanaian entertainer and broadcaster, Kwaku Sintim-Misa has scolded Christian leaders for failing to heal Coronavirus patients in the country.

In an interview with Nkonkonsa.com on YouTube, KSM urged Christians to wise up because the Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the Pastors as having no healing or supernatural powers.

”Every week, they have miracle crusades and they’re going to heal this person or do this or that. Corona is here with us; as we talk people have been quarantined, go to where they have been quarantined and heal them”, he ridiculed the Pastors.

According to him, if they (Pastors) indeed can work miracles, they should seek clearance from President Nana Akufo-Addo to go to the various hospitals and prove their healing powers.

”If there is anything we have to learn from this coronavirus, it’s how much Pastors have been lying, especially those who claim to have all these healing powers. Where are they?…Where is the power of the God that you talk about and claim to have this miraculous healing powers? Where is it? Where are they?” .

Watch the full interview below:
Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Actress Efia Odo has reacted to people who are trolling her for not getting a car on her birthday.

After Media mogul, Nana Aba Anamoah made headline with controversial birthday Range Rover and Social Media star Mona Montrage popularly known as Hajia 4 Real also received a Range Rover as a birthday gift, people were waiting patiently for the next female celebrity birthday celebrant and what she would get on her birthday.

Ghanaian social media users were expecting Efia Odo who celebrated her birthday on July 18, to also get a car on her birthday. But to the surprise of expectants, she only got a tiny ass shaped cake in a red lingerie.

People on social media, especially twitter made mockery of her, describing her birthday as dry and boring. As expected, she has now found the right time to respond appropriately to those who were trolling her.

According to the socialite, Ghanaians are hypocrites and pretenders.

She wrote on twitter: “I didn’t get a car for my birthday but if I did y’all would’ve been the same people saying that I had to fuck for it. It’s so sad that y’all worship material things to the core that of someone doesn’t have it you make fun of them. Pathetic miserable people.”

I didn’t get a car for my birthday but if I did y’all would’ve been the same people saying that I had to fuck for it. It’s so sad that y’all worship material things to the core that of someone doesn’t have it you make fun of them. Pathetic miserable people.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has turned into a relationship expert by advising ladies on how to get the best man for a relationship.

The 34-year-old actress, who is still single after numerous failed relationships, has gathered all the experiences she had in the past to help guide the young ones coming up not to fall into a relationship that is not good for them.

In a post on her Instagram page, she admonished ladies to do due diligence when it comes to picking the right man for a relationship. She instructed that ladies should painstakingly go through the number of men available to choose the best just like they do when they want to choose a picture to post on social media.

Most of the female celebrities in Ghana have had a very poor record when it comes to dating and even marriage. Only a handful of them can settle down or are in serious relationships.