Every industry or person should have a standard or a role model. I started writing about celebrities as far back as 2008 when I was an undergraduate Law student. And I had an industry role model, the person who inspired me to set up GhanaCelebrities.Com—and this person is Harvey Robert Levin, lawyer and founder of TMZ.

Harvey’s personal brand as a lawyer turned founder of arguably the biggest celebrity news and gossip website in the world was my inspiration—and his website, TMZ, can be said to be an industry standard. TMZ is a no-nonsense blog with good writers as well as many years of enviable reputation for accuracy.

Equipped with the above, I founded GhanaCelebrities.Com while chasing my legal career in London. I believe, over the years, we’ve grown to house some of the finest celebrity news and gossip writers, and we do not compromise on the accuracy of our reports. When we even say someone has had sex and she is pregnant, she really is—you can ask Yvonne Nelson.

So, even celebrity blogs/websites have a standard and it’s high.

However, when it comes to Ghana’s now stagnant or dead celebrity, ashawobrity and slay queens’ industry/landscape, Moesha Boduong seems to be the only standard everyone is working hard at—she has become the ultimate goal and people’s prayer point.

Once upon a time, some few dwellers of this industry despised Moesha, her activities and way of life on social media. Behind closed doors, they called her names. But today, they are racing on the same path to overtake her—doing everything she did, in almost the same, if not in an exaggerated manner.

About 3 years ago, it was branded stupid for Moesha to be walking with a camera zoomed on her backside just to capture the size and shakes of her butt for social media. It was branded cheap and seen as some form of open solicitation.

Today, nearly every Ghanaian celebrity, slay queen or ashawobrity does this. A quick glance at their social media platforms, be it Instagram or Tiktok, would confirm that there is a far cheaper version of Moesha even in almost all of them. Photos and videos of their butts pushed into the air as a pose for the camera have flooded their pages.

And remember, they all dress like Moesha—by showing the world every bit of their bodies, and top it up with lame Moesha-like comments or speeches.

The above is the Moesha standard which has become everyone’s standard within the Ghanaian celebrity, ashawobrity and slay queens’ landscape. The only ingredient missing is that, Moesha is honest about her beliefs and who is she, many of the others are not.

Perhaps, Antoa should start killing all those who secretly judged and talked bad about Moesha for turning around to steal her style and comfortably rent a space within the borders of her standard.

Such is the plight of an industry with no high standard. For that, we have to smile and commend the Moesha standard—after all, the plausible alternative by which these people may feed themselves, which is to show up at night near the Togo embassy in Accra, is worse. They just don’t want to work, and yet want to live a sky-high lifestyle.


A landlord has allegedly murdered his tenant for refusing to vacate a room he has rented to him.

Victor Stephen Nana Kankam according to police extract, shot budding musician Spark Benjamine who was rushed to the police station with multiple injuries.

According to Peace FM’s Agya Kwabena, the tenant who didn’t want to extend his stay had already started moving out to his new apartment.

A brutal afternoon shooting act allegedly perpetrated by a landlord at Ofankor in Accra has ended the life of his tenant.

In a fit of rage, the landlord, Victor Stephen Nana Kankam, who could not withstand the refusal of the tenant, Benjamin Okyere, to vacate a room he rented out to him, allegedly picked a gun and shot him in cold blood.

The incident sparked some outrage from the public and yesterday morning, some people set fire to the apartment in retaliation.

The police have arrested Kankam while investigations are underway.

The victim, aged 31, popularly known as Trillionaire, was a budding musician, known for his album, titled Pon Dem.

According to eyewitnesses, Okyere’s two years’ tenancy agreement was to expire on May 24, 2020.

Consequently, the landlord is said to have called Okyere and warned him not to spend a day more after the expiration of the tenancy.

Kankam is alleged to have asked Okyere to pack out of the room and leave the key to the room with any of the other tenants as he did not want to set his eyes on him after May 24, 2020.

Source: Daily Graphic


Artiste Manager, Bulldog has disclosed that his verbal attacks on late Fennec Okyere on radio and vice versa were planned just to gain notoriety as artiste managers.

Bulldog after the death of Fennec Okyere was the prime suspect because he was one of the guys who threatened him on national television and on radio leading to his arrest.

But speaking on UTV last Saturday monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Bulldog said the missiles they threw at each other were just a move to remain relevant as artistes managers in order also promote their artistes.

He said anytime they went on radio, they took a stance and agreed on the tangent each one should take in order for it to look like they disagree with each other.

Bulldog further revealed that there were times that if he does not appear on the same show, Fennec will call him and brief him on the attacks thrown at him so he could also prepare and do the same on any show he also appears on.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bullhaus noted that because people were not aware of all these arrangements that’s why they blamed him for killing Fennec Okyere.

“I had a friend Fennec Okyere who was also an artiste manager. They said I was the prime suspect when he was killed. We had a planned “beef” to remain relevant as artistes managers but we were friends. What we used to do was if we are going on radio, we discuss the tangent both sides will go so that we can attack each other and create a perception in the minds of the people. Sometimes even when I’m not on the show he will attack me and later call me to tell me what transpired so that if i also appear on another show I can fire him too.”


Ghanaian actor and broadcaster, Mikki Osei Berko, popularly called Dada Boat, has expressed ill feelings about the premium that some artistes are giving to dancehall/reggae music in Ghana.

Mikki Osei Berko says it is unwise for any musician in the country to claim to be a dancehall/reggae artiste because the music genre doesn’t represent Ghana and also do not reflect the country’s culture.

He poured out his heart in an exclusive interview on Nkonkonsa on YouTube.

He stated that artistes like Samini, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale who are Ghana’s topnotch dancehall artistes are not doing the country any good because instead of them singing the original tune of Ghana, they have rather adopted foreign music and marketing themselves as dancehall artistes.

Dada Boat was upset that the dancehall/reggae artistes in the country are not doing highlife to market the nation’s real authentic music.

He explained that highlife music originates from Ghana and has a local musical content that should be sold to the world and to enhance tourism in the country.

According to him, the dancehall/reggae artistes are helping a foreign country like Jamaica to popularize their foreign culture to override highlife which is born in Ghana.

Mikki Osei Berko added that Jamaica feeds on the originality of their music which is primarily dancehall/reggae.

”Most of their tourist attraction is based on their music”, he said and so asked Ghana’s dancehall artistes ”are you helping Jamaica or you’re helping Ghana?”

Touting further the uniqueness of highlife music, he mentioned Nigeirian legendary music icon the late Fela Kuti of riding on Ghana’s highlife to gain popularity all over Africa because he fused highlife music with Nigerian music tunes.

The sad thing, he expressed, is that although foreign arts are taking advantage of highlife, they don’t identify themselves as highlife musicians and so wondered why the Ghanaian arts would refer to themselves as dancehall/reggae artistes.

”You can claim to be doing some reggae in your tune but I don’t think that it’s wise to claim you are a dancehall or reggae artiste because that is not your music. That’s what I think. We need to promote our own music. Other reggae musicians sometimes play R&B songs and so forth but they identify themselves as reggae musicians…Why don’t they identify themselves as highlife musicians?”

Mikki Osei Berko therefore advised Ghanaian artistes to cherish and sell highlife to the world and stop copying foreign arts into the country.

Watch full interview below:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Renowned actor and broadcaster Mikki Osei Berko is worried about the future of celebrities in the country.

According to Mikki Osei Berko, affectionately called Master Richard, 80 percent of Ghanaian celebrities are very poor and cannot fend for themselves.

He disclosed that a large chunk of the celebrities are only masquerading themselves as rich and affluent people but they return to their various houses to cry themselves to bed.

Mikki Osei Berko made this shocking revelation in an interview with Nkonkonsa.com where he stated emphatically that aside the celebrities being paupers, they also cannot afford their own medical care and so become sick without any financial support.

He asserted that what the celebrities, particularly actors and actresses in the country, do best is ‘outside gentility, home cry”, to wit they spend time and energy showing off to their fans and followers to gain social presence while they go back home destitute.

In his candid opinion, they are not serious about the business aspect of their celebrity status.

“They enjoy the talent and the exposure. They don’t care about the business of their lives . . . They’re not serious,” he said.

Mikki Osei Berko has about 26 years of experience in the entertainment industry insisted that the industry does not pay celebrities well.

He claims that a lot of Ghanaian celebrities are living hand to mouth.

‘Some of us cannot even afford medical care. That is the honest truth. About 80% of Ghanaian celebrities cannot afford decent medical care. Most of the Ghanaian celebrities are paupers . . . People are doing ‘outside gentility, home cry’ . . . Where are the jobs? What do they do? Ghanaian celebrities, what do they really do to earn money? Just find out if there is any film that has paid an actor even GHC 10,000 . . . Find out from the last 5 years, what film has even given an actor 20,000 cedis,” he posited.

”Where do they get the money? What do they do to earn money?” he asked and advised his colleague celebrities to concentrate on securing their future by making investments to better their lives.

Watch the full exclusive interview:

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


African singer Mory Kante has died aged 70 in Guinea.

The star was credited with bringing African music to world audiences with hits including Yeke Yeke.

He died in hospital on Friday May 22, 2020 in the Guinea capital, Conakry, and the sad news was confirmed his son Balla Kanté.

Balla told the AFP news agency his father died from health problems which had been left untreated due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He said: “He suffered from chronic illnesses and often travelled to France for treatment but that was no longer possible with the coronavirus. We saw his condition deteriorate rapidly, but I was still surprised because he’d been through much worse times before”. 

Mory Kanté born on 29 March 1950 was a Guinean vocalist and player of the kora harp. He was best known internationally for his 1987 hit song “Yé ké yé ké”, which reached number-one in Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, and Spain. The album it came from, Akwaba Beach, was the best-selling African record of its time.

Born in a famous family of “griots” – West African musicians and storytellers – he had been nicknamed “the electronic griot”, and was known as a distinguished player of kora – a west African harp.

His song Yéké Yéké became a huge hit in the late 1980s and was widely remixed.



Ghanaian female songstress and rapper Eno Barony has asked her colleague female artistes to spend energy and resources in making money for themselves rather engaging in lyrical beefs that sometimes get personal.

Her comments come after some of her colleagues – Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz – turned their lyrical beef into a physical fight, which many have described as blockbuster movie.

The two nearly exchanged blows on the premises of Media General last Monday.

Speaking on the Sunrise morning show hosted by Alfred Ocansey on Wednesday, May 20, Eno Barony said she gave a piece of advice in her song ‘Rap Goddess’ to her female colleagues to channel their energies on money-making ventures rather than fights.

“We are in this coronavirus period where everybody is thinking about themselves and then I saw some back and forth going on.

“So I decided to come and talk to my fellow female artistes that the guys are featuring themselves and moving forward. So, we also need to do things that will give us money and not just beef fighting ourselves.”

She added that some of her female colleagues even picked up issues with her for the suggestions she made.

“It was just an advice then afterwards shades were thrown at me.”


Renowned Evangelist, Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku, popularly called “Apraku My Daughter”, has died.

Prophet Kumchacha confirmed the news in an interview with Nana Yaa Konadu on Peace FM’s ”Wohaw Ne Sen”.

A video of Evangelist ”Apraku My Daughter” sudden transformation into a drunkard went viral on social media.

The preacher was spotted in the viral video walking around looking intoxicated.

Following the viral video, gospel singer Sonnie Badu today posted on his Instagram that he would want to offer help to the preacher.

”David saw Saul and said I will not touch God’s anointed. Where do we find this man? I don’t know him, but we will help him…@nana_amoakoadjei son @pritieyra daughter please find him…He is still Gods servant…hold on sir, help is on the way….“, Sonnie Badu wrote.

But according to Prophet Kumchacha, who was speaking from the home of the renowned man of God at Kasoa in Accra, the Evangelist Apraku went to sleep last night and failed to wake up from his slumber.

He said the family made attempts to wake him up today but later found out that the evangelist has passed away.

The eye witnesses suspect the preacher may have committed suicide but the actual cause of his death is unknown.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


Rapper, Pappy Kojo has stated that he might not be returning to Ghana after all.

According to the “Balance” hit maker, he’s getting used to the lifestyle in Italy now, hence his decision to stay there.

Pappy Kojo has been on lockdown in Italy for several months now after the world-wide spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The rapper’s attempt to plead with the government to be ‘rescued’ and brought back home fell on death ears.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, he wrote:

“All those times I cried and Ghana ignored me , im getting used to the lifestyle in Italy now , I sleep with my kicks on , I drink milk every morning and also doing check ups I’m not coming back im sorry.”


Actress Tracey Boakye has announced the arrival of her second child.

The “Baby Mama” actress kept her pregnancy a secret but she has made a big announcement of her delivery.

She announced the good news on Instagram and she also revealed the sex of her new born baby.

She shared a picture of her baby bump with this caption “Thank you Lord. My second Angel is in! ITS A GIRL!”.

It is not immediately known if father of the baby girl is the same man the actress spoke about some 8 months ago.

It would be recalled that she revealed in an interview that the man she was dating is filthy rich and can cater for all her needs.

Tracey’s first child is 5 year-old Kwaku Danso Yahaya whose father is Footballer Yahaya Mohammed.

Source: NKONKONSA.com