Ghanaian actor, Kwaku Manu and the family members of embattled comic actor Funny Face clashed on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” on Thursday, February 25 over a video he published on Youtube.

Following reports of Funny Face being admitted at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital receiving diagnosis for his mental health status as ordered by a court judge in Ofankor, Kwaku Manu in his bid to reunite Funny Face and his baby mama and three children, he picked Funny Face’s baby mama Vanessa and their three daughters including her sister from Kumasi to visit Funny Face at the hospital in Accra.

This was captured in a video as he filmed their trip to Accra and eventually met with Funny Face, however, this gesture was not welcomed by Funny Face family members and they have ordered Kwaku Manu to pull down the video on his Youtube channel because his gesture was under the pretence of love but wanted to use Funny Face to rake in money.

After a brief altercation between Kwaku Manu and the family members, Kwaku Manu begged the host of the show to bow out of the interview which was meant for him to explain why he took that action.


Popular Ghanaian photographer Emmanuel Bobbie, also known as Bob Pixel has passed.

He reportedly died today, Thursday, February 25, 2021.

Even though the cause of his death is not known yet, family and friends have shared messages of condolence to the bereaved family.

Bob Pixel who is well known for capturing memorable images of celebrities, events, tourist sites and politicians left behind 3 children.

Some of the celebrities he worked on included, Yvonne Nelson, rapper M.anifest, actor and politician John Dumelo, Sulley Muntari’s wife Menaye Donkor, actress Jackie Appiah, James Gardiner and many others.


Ghanaian music executive and unofficial mouthpiece of Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi has knocked on the door of trouble after accusing popular Ghanaian Instagram slay queen, Nana Akua Addo of owing her on social media as Nana Akua Addo has rubbished her allegations and slammed her and her very existence.

Nana Akua Addo in a series of posts on social media queried Ayisha Modi if she has ever seen $15,000 in her life before and advised her to stop peddling lies.

She posted a throwback photo of her and Ayisha and exclaimed how Ayisha has turned her back to lie against her after heaping praises and love on her.

The fashionista went on to advise Ayisha Modi to manage her life before thinking of managing someone else’ talent as she revealed what her main problem is.

She captioned it saying; “today they love you and tomorrow they hate you. Your Problem is you don’t know when to shut up.”




Ghanaian lawyer, Moses Foh-Amoaning has been ex-communicated from the Association of African Albinos for his stance against same sex marriage.

Lawyer Moses Foh Amoaning who is also a known a sports enthusiast, has on various occasions stood against gay marriage, lesbianism, bisexual and transgender personalities in Ghana.

The president of the Association of African Albinos, Sesom Hoffamn, in a communique found his commentary against the LGBTQ community as human right violation and has outrightly banned him from their association.

Read their full statement below:



The Chief Imam of Ghana, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu has waded into the raging controversy about homosexuality in Ghana.
In a 9 page paper signed by Dr. Mohammed Marzuq Abubakari Azindo the Personal Assistant to the National Chief Imam, Sheik Sharubutu stated that the opposition of the Muslim community in Ghana on the practice of homosexuality is non-negotiable.
He averred that though the Islam community is committed to the secular ideals in the governance of the country, homosexuality is however a deviant behaviour totally unacceptable in Islam.
The position taken by the Islamic community is grounded on procreation and society’s wellbeing vis-a-vis an individual’s right. They further argued that as a community, they choose to side with society’s well-being over an individual’s right.
The statement read;
 Homosexuality has, in recent times, become an issue of national concern and discourse. Indeed, it is currently a matter of disagreement between religious bodies and secular thinkers in Ghana. Even in the secular community, homosexuality continues to be a source of seeming friction between criminal justice and democratic constitutionalism. For instance, while Ghana’s Criminal Code outlaws homosexuality as a misdemeanour, human rights activists and democratic advocates argue that the Act that criminalizes it is unconstitutional. In their opinion, criminalization of the practice violates Article 17 of the 1992 Constitution which frowns on discrimination against persons ‘on grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed, social or economic status.’

Besides, there is a tendency among the proponents of homosexuality to make it acceptable in the name of fairness and tolerance. On the contrary, some of the opponents, given the opportunity, would suggest summary execution of those engaging in homosexual behaviour. This confusing trend, if not well managed, can threaten national security and erode our cultural and societal values. We, therefore, add our voice to the efforts by other concerned institutions and individuals to find an amicable solution to the issue.

It is significant to state that homosexuality is practised in different forms by different people of different names. In this Position Paper, therefore, homosexuality is a generic term inclusive of all the activities of LGBTQ persons.

Background Information

For better comprehension, we preface our suggestions to develop an effective way of addressing this sensitive and critical issue with some background information.

Available literature indicates that early opposition to homosexuality was based on the argument that the behaviour was unnatural. Opponents contended that sodomy could not lead to reproduction, one of the main natural results of sexual relations. To counter such arguments, homosexual researchers scoured the earth until they found a supposed homosexual behaviour in the animal kingdom.

They claimed that the males of some species of exotic fishes off the coast of Japan imitated the behaviour of females of the species in order to prevent other males from impregnating their mates. They further argued that some rare butterflies from islands off the coast of Africa also had males exhibiting female behaviour during mating season. However, if the animal kingdom is to be used to justify human behaviour, we are sorry to state that the descent can never accept the behaviour.

In contemporary times, genetics has become the most commonly used foundation for the pro-gay argument. In 1993 Dr. Dean Hamer, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute, claimed to have discovered “the first concrete evidence that ‘gay genes’ really do exist.” Homosexual orientation was supposedly transmitted to males on the X chromosome from the mother. Hamer’s findings, published in the prestigious journal ‘Science’, transformed his career as a government scientist to a dynamic media personality, and he penned his memoirs. He gave expert testimony to the Colorado Supreme Court that formed the basis of the victorious decision striking down anti-gay propositions.

However, a replication of his study at the University of Western Ontario failed to find any linkage whatsoever between the X chromosome and sexual orientation. It was also found that Hamer’s study lacked a control group, a fundamental principle of scientific research.

Furthermore, in June 1994, the Chicago Tribune reported that a junior researcher in Hamer’s laboratory, who assisted in the gene mapping in the homosexuality study, alleged that Hamer selectively reported his data. She was then summarily dismissed from her post-doctoral fellowship in Hamer’s laboratory. But the National Institute of Health investigation substantiated her claims and gave her another position in a different laboratory.

Though Dr. Hamer hid his sexual choice in his memoirs, he later admitted in his lectures that he was a gay.

Quranic Position on Homosexuality

There are several verses in the Quran referring to gay and lesbian behaviours. Some obviously deal with effeminate men and “masculine women.” Among these verses are the following:

  • “We also sent Lut : He said to his people : “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: Ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” (Quran 7:80-81)
  • “What! Of all creatures do ye come unto the males, and leave the wives your Lord created for you? Nay, but ye are forward folk.” (Quran 26:165)

Lut is referred to as “Lot” in the Hebrew Scriptures. This passage is an apparent reference to the activities at Sodom and Gamorah, whose consequences are known to everybody.

Also, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is reported to have said: “When a man mounts on another man, the throne of God shakes.” Semantically stretched, the word “MAN” in this context is not a masculine noun. It is rather a neuter with a collective sense in reference to humanity in general. This construction is in line with the Arabic linguistic principle in which masculine nouns and pronouns are used for constructions in reference to the entire human race, male and female. Therefore, the Hadith also means that when a woman mounts on another woman, the throne of God shakes. This simple analysis is to prove a point of lesbianism implied in the Hadith.

For religious, cultural and secular reasons, many people may not agree with the Holy Quran and the Prophet of Islam. However, the consequence of HIV/AIDS is enough to prove that homosexuality is evil and dangerous to society. The early spread of AIDS was concentrated among the homosexual community. It later spread to the heterosexual and the so-called bisexual community through blood transfusions and intravenous drug usage. Its spread continues on rampage among the promiscuous heterosexuals.

Secular Viewpoints

As revealed by the background information, homosexuality is not a new behaviour. It has existed among many cultures and people, but usually in fewer numbers and in secrecy. Unfortunately, increasing secularism and liberalism in contemporary global society have succeeded in making it a human right issue with funny theories ranging from genetic transformation to democratic choice.

In an attempt to polish their image, the homosexuals constitute very active and powerful lobby groups across the world. They have strong political and social ties and access to the elite of the global society. They promote their agenda through legislation, present themselves as victims of prejudice and discrimination, help to enact gender discrimination acts that legalize and secure full benefits for same gender marriage, and fund research to falsify genetic propensity to homosexuality.

Arguably, the most effective milestone in the homosexual movement was the declaration, in 1976, by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that homosexuality was no longer considered an illness, but was merely regarded as an orientation or a sexual variant. This made many people suspicious of the scientific community, which went against known scientific data and norms.


We as Muslims do state unequivocally that homosexuality is a deviant behaviour TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE in Islam. Although our religion allows us latitude to ponder and reconsider some issues, homosexuality is certainly NOT one of them. In fact, the practice is clearly condemned by the Quran, the Prophet, and his progeny. This notwithstanding, we do not hate the homosexuals; rather we find their behaviour abhorable. The following points constitute the grounds of our position:

God has created everything in pairs each endowed with physical and psychological characteristics to complement and complete each other. The Quran (4:1) indicates that human beings have been created from one living entity (nafs), which represents the origin of both the male and the female. The “mating” or “spousing” of male and female sexes is original in human nature, and out of this instinctive relationship the human race develops, continues and spreads.

Between the two sexes a gravitating combination of love, tenderness, and care is engendered, so that each finds in the other completeness, tranquillity, and support (Quran 30:21). Having children and loving them represent another fulfilment of the human nature (Quran 42:49-50). It is through this spousal complementation and completion, according to the Quran (7:189), that each spouse achieves comfort and enjoys peace of mind, satisfaction, and fulfilment. These relationships extend beyond the physical and sexual contact to psychological and spiritual fulfilment.

The blessings of this completeness are not ended by their accomplishment, but they continue and develop through bringing forth children, raising them, and providing the whole family with material, emotional, psychological, and moral needs.

The pleasures of completion and procreation may well be extended and multiplied, when one is granted grand children, who not only represent genealogical continuation, but also constitute a dynamic revitalization of the human race.

If there is any truth in the claim that the male homosexual behaviour could be genetic, what about the bisexuals and the lesbians? Surely, they are making a choice, which is, by our standards, a wrong one.

Even if the argument of genetic inclination towards homosexuality is considered, it is the nobility of the human spirit that can overcome the behaviour. There are suggestions that alcoholics are genetically pre-disposed to their behaviour. Furthermore, some people are inherently prone to take risks, a behaviour, which is an essential element of human progress and development. This pre-disposition to risk taking behaviour can easily lead to the destructive practice of gambling. We do not encourage the people with propensity to alcoholism or gambling to keep on indulging in these vices, but encourage them to resist and overcome the vices. Can’t we do the same with homosexual feelings and tendencies?

Whether one has the orientation or harbours “homosexual genes,” one’s feelings and desires cannot dictate behaviour. As an illustration, one may have a strong urge to have a homosexual contact, or even a heterosexual contact with another person’s spouse, or to steal or kill. The nobility of the human spirit is to resist, and this elevates the human being to the status above that of the angels. It is indeed a distinguishing feature between humanism and animalism.

The reality of our society requires that we argue our positions and use existing societal rationales to deal with issues, as they prevail. While we abhor acts of discrimination against individuals or groups, we also place a high value on discretion. The individual’s right of choice is a fundamental value and necessary condition for each individual to be accountable to God for his/her own actions. God’s guidance secures the balance between the rights of individuals and those of society.

There is a continual struggle to maintain the balance between an individual’s right and society’s wellbeing. We place a higher value on the society’s wellbeing than on an individual’s right to actively promote counter-values that will ultimately damage the society at large. We, therefore, have a right to resist and ensure the protection of our values against any form of onslaught. This resistance should not be misconstrued as an aggression against any individual or group, but a firm and principled stand against the counter-values being promoted in the name of democracy and human rights. We have, indeed, a duty to promote divine wisdom and values that will advance humanity in an atmosphere of unity in diversity.


In spite of our principled stand, we recognise Ghana as a secular democratic state. Ours is not to replace democracy with theocracy. Ours is to peacefully co-exist with people of divergent religious and cultural orientations and to practice our religion in a secular democratic republic. Ours is dialogue instead of violence, moderation instead of extremism, persuasion instead of compulsion, unity instead of division, education instead of ignorance, and reason instead of emotion. On the bases of these values and for an effective way of addressing the burning issue of homosexuality, we suggest the following:

  • Firstly, we call for a national dialogue conference on homosexuality in the country. Participants should be drawn from the clergy, Islamic scholars, human right activists, homosexuals, students, members of the Bench and of the Bar, parliamentarians and other government officials. We believe that such a conference will generate an avalanche of critical opinions for an amicable solution to the issue. It may also serve as a platform for the men of God to get the misguided to the right path.
  • Secondly, the various universities and other research institutions should properly investigate the subject and feed the public with accurate empirical data on it. This will help Ghanaians, especially the youth, understand better the dangers of homosexual practice and put them in a position to make responsible choices. The universities could even mount programmes, undergraduate and post-graduate, on Gender Studies with specialities in Lesbianism and Gay Practice and sponsor the youth to pursue such programmes. This will broaden public understanding of homosexuality and reduce the tension associated with the behaviour.
  • Thirdly, based on the accurate data, NGOs and Civil Society organisations should intensify awareness programmes on homosexuality and encourage the need for unity and civility in tackling the issue.
  • Besides, balance in handling opposing situations is critical to the wellbeing of society. We, therefore, call on opponents of homosexuality – among whom we are – to strike a reasonable balance between the defence of their values and respect for the safety of others in a secular environment. We equally call on the homosexuals to observe the same balance between the enjoyment of their lust and regard for the will of the majority. Indeed, Christians and Muslims, who are mainly opposed to homosexuality, constitute the majority of the Ghanaian populace.
  • Also, we advise parents to intensify domestic training of their children and to protect them from being lured into homosexual activism.


In conclusion, we state emphatically that athough our opposition to homosexuality is non-negotiable, we are committed to the secular ideals in the governance of the country. We, therefore, pledge to remain within the confines of constitutional order and the rule of law in our abhorrence of what we consider an evil culture.


Dr. Mohammed Marzuq Abubakari Azindoo

Personal Assistant to the National Chief Imam


Ghanaian broadcast journalist and former Metro TV presenter, Ignatius Annor has finally opened up on being gay for some years now.

Ignatius who spoke to Joy News’ PM Express on Monday, February 22, revealed that he was afraid to opened up on his sexuality due to fear of losing his journalism career.

According to him, although he denied being gay after he was confronted a few years ago, none of the media houses was willing to hire his service due to the stigma surrounding his community despite his Masters pedigree in the UK.

“At the time, I practised Broadcast Journalism in Ghana for a number of years and being on TV and being ousted brought a lot of pain to my life.”

“This is going to be the very first time, using your medium, to say that not only am I an activist for the rights of African Sexual Minorities [LGBTQ+] but I am gay; it is the truth that I have accepted, it is the truth that I will live by,” the former Metro TV journalist stressed.

He added, “because I was ousted as a gay person and obviously, I denied because I was afraid of losing my job and also for the fear of what would happen to me personally…”

“I want Ghanaians to have an honest conversation about people who live in your family, people who are your brothers and sisters and see that these are human beings that deserve to have the very life you have and… to be free and go about their normal activity.”

Source: NKONKONSA.com 

“I’VE BOUGHT 2 HOUSES IN 2 YEARS” – Shatta Michy Shares Her Achievements After Leaving Shatta Wale

Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Michy has shared her achievements since parting ways with the singer on live television.

In an interview with Nana Ama McBrown on UTV, Michy who claimed had dated Shatta Wale for 8 years revealed that after breaking up with him, she has built two houses and is now a proud landlady.

She added that she wants to go into real estate in future and she has enrolled in a law school as it has been her lifelong dream to become a lawyer.

“My plan is to start a real estate business without borrowing money from anyone’, she said.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 

“THEY CONSPIRED AGAINST ME ON UTV” – Mona Gucci Speaks After Law School Saga

Ghanaian television personality and self-acclaimed Immigration lawyer, Mona Gucci has taken a swipe at the guests who appeared on UTV’s ‘United Showbiz’ program hosted by Nana Ama Mcbrown on Saturday, February 20.

Mona Gucci, after confirming rumors during the show that she is a lawyer was asked to give details about the law school she attended, however, her response did not sound convincing to other guests including Kwame A-Plus, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo and their demeanor suggested she was lying.

Taking to her Facebook page after the show, Mona Gucci has vowed to shake the tables after opening keys on her own television show on Kantanka TV come this Friday.

According to the event promoter, all the people on the show including the host although she did not mention names in the post tried to conspire against her.

“🤣🤣🤣What baffled me on the United showbiz yesterday..was they forgot who they were tryna conspire against?MONA GUCCI?? How can y’all stoop this low…? Now am forced to open keys n shake tables on linkup show on Friday—Sorry❌“, she posted.

Source: NKONKONSA.com


Ghanaian politician and member of the Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana representing Assin South Constituency in the Central Region on the ticket of NPP, Rev John Ntim Fordjour has called on government to close down the LGBTQI Resource Centre with immediate effect.

Rev Ntim who is also am member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of 7th Parliament expressed her concern in a feature below:

“Our Ghanaian society, since pre-colonial era had always upheld a culture of morality and decency and within our cultural and traditional contexts, the practices of Lesbianism, Homosexuality, Bestiality and Transgender and other related practices of LGBTQI had long held as abomination and utterly abhorred.

The concept of family for us as Ghanaians has always been and will always be initiated by marriage between a man and woman. The fundamental principle of Biblical marriage is construed as one between man and woman as it was in the beginning instituted by God between Adam and Eve.

The influence of the west on our society relating to LGBTQI infiltrations remain an age old pressure, which must be resisted as long as the pressure shows no indication of abating.

Section 104 of Ghana’s Criminal Code proscribes LGBTQI with the specific provision of ‘unnatural carnal knowledge’. While some activists have contended that the provision of ‘unnatural carnal knowledge’ is anachronistic and no longer sufficient to adequately address the emerging trends of LGBTQI matters in the country, and so therefore further strengthening of the law is required to position our laws more robust, encompassing and stringent in dealing with the abominable practices of LGBTQI, I have remained an ardent advocate for the enforcement of existing laws and fully inclined towards further legislation to adequately deal with these matters in consistency with the Constitution of Ghana and in line with our broad religious and cultural orientation, with particular regard for morality.

Contrary to the notion that persons practicing LGBTQI in Ghana are discriminated against, I strongly hold the view that persons practicing LGBTQI are rather unfortunately pampered and treated with kids globe in Ghana. This position of mine, among other references, is premised on the seeming public ‘glorifying’ on media of acts which are serious contravention of our law. The impunity of open and public advocacy and practice LGBTQI is on the rise largely because perpetrators have not been prosecuted.

The recent opening of LGBTQI resource center in Accra is the height of it. Is the National Security apparatus telling us that they have no information on the location of this so called LGBTQI resource center that has been opened for weeks now? Are they telling us they have no intelligence on the people and groups behind this abominable act? Why are they quite? If ‘Armed Robbers Association’ or ‘Drug Traffickers Association’ were to publicly open an office in any obscure corner of Ghana, wouldn’t the security agencies conduct a rapid raid by now with alacrity?

It is appalling and most hypocritical that a state that abhors LGBTQI practices on religious and cultural orientation as well as criminalizes same practices per our Criminal Code would sit unconcerned for such impunity to be perpetrated. Some of us, regardless the ramifications, cannot shut up! I’ll keep up the advocacy for further strengthening of our laws to completely and assertively deal with the complexities of LGBTQI matters and will continue to explore my legislative options under the private members bill until such a time when existing laws will be confidently enforced with additional laws proscribing the advocacy for LGBTQI practices in Ghana.

Until then, I strongly urge the national security apparatus to take urgent steps to CLOSE DOWN the LGBTQI resource center in Ghana with immediate effect and prosecute the perpetrators accordingly.

My fervent appeal to our eminent Clergy, Muslim Clerics, and venerable Traditional leaders, respectfully, is that, if these LGBTQI practices and advocacies are truly deemed affront to the values and orientation of what we unanimously believe in as a nation-state, then this is the time to rise up and make our voices and strong position heard and entrenched more uncompromisingly than ever before.

On diplomatic front, I urge all state and non state actors and external diplomatic entities to respect the sovereign orientation and decision of Ghana in such matters and withhold their undue interference under the guise of human rights”.

Source: Rev Ntim Fordjour, MP for Assin South Constituency, Member – Foreign Affairs Committee of 7th Parliament

I’M PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THEIR EXPOSE – Akua GMB Replies Okyeame Quophy And Stacy Amoateng

Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s ex-wife, Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah simply called Akua GMB has clapped back at media personality Stacy Amoateng and her husband, Okyeame Quophi after they said they are going to expose her.

Akua GMB said in a recent post on her Instagram page that she is all-ready waiting for them to bring out whatever evidence they have about her as she is poised to fight back with all her might.

According to the former beauty queen, she has had enough of the disgrace and lies fabricated against her and for her children’s sake she is willing to go to battle.

Akua GMB wrote:

I’m patiently waiting for their expose . I will face you squarely. I’m ready for all of you so bring it on . Ad3n aaa  I’m laughing like a killer . Bring it on all of you . Nobody should come to my page n tell me to ignore them . It’s about time I face all of these people . The lies, the disgrace, the shame is getting too much. I have kids , I have to fight them for the sake of my kids. I won’t have anyone lie against me anymore . I dare all of you to bring whatever evidence you have about me out .!!!!!