yemmey-baba-and-nana-akua-addoCelebrity Blogger Victor Adeyemi Adebayor popularly known as Yemmeybaba who was sued by actress Nana Akua Addo for defamation, has disclosed that the actress is gone missing after threatening to meet him in court.

Yemmey who spoke to Nkonkonsa.com on Monday morning October 31, 2016, has expressed shock that after he was invited by the police based on the actress’ complaint that he defamed her on social media, she has vanished into thin air.

“I can’t believe what is going on and I don’t understand, that Nana Akua Addo reported me to the police for allegedly defaming her on Instagram, I honored the police invitation, I wrote my statement, court date was set and the day we were support to meet in court, she vanishes into thin air. So Nana Akua Addo didn’t have the guts to meet in court?, he asked.

“The Police handling the case said he was going to call me and I am still waiting for his call, whoever reported me Nana Akua Addo or Belly Blaze is nowhere to be found. In all this I think Nana Akua Addo has been exposed beyond her imagination and she is now scared because she didn’t see this coming”, Yemmey emphasized.

After he allegedly exposed actress Nana Akua Addo was the person behind a fake account (Belly_blaze) known for abusing celebrities on social media especially Instagram, Yemmey was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 to face defamation charges but as it stands now, it all seems like a mirage and Nana Akua has refused to pursue a case she started.

Meanwhile, Nkonkonsa.com is in possession of evidence of threats on his life.yemmey-baba-threats

He disclosed to Nkonkonsa.com that he is receiving threats after news went viral over his depending defamation court case with Actress Nana Akua Addo. According to Yemmey, he has being receiving calls and chats from some unknown people threatening to deal with him and chase him out of Ghana

He said he has since reported that threats and presented the evidence to the Police.

Source: NKONKONSA.com 


vimbai-5Zimbabwean Actress, Model, Television Host and Producer, Miss Vimbai Mutinhiri, is having such an amazing year.

She’s got lots of exciting new projects in the works, and one of them is being chosen to host the special LFDW edition of the BET A-List show, which is the channel’s newest show about pop culture and all things trending. The show is really all about celebrating Pan-African excellence.

Reaching over 100 million households across the world, BET is one of the foremost global entertainment platforms.

Vimbai Mutinhiri, born 18 February 1987, was born in Harare, Zimbabwe but raised in Belgrade, Serbia and in Johannesburg, South Africa. Prior to participating in Big Brother Africa Amplified in 2011, she studied in South Africa graduating from the University of Cape Town with an honours degree in politics, philosophy and economics.

Check out Vimbai’s beautiful new photos below: vimbai-1vimbai-3 vimbai-4 vimbai-mutinhiri-1 vimbai-mutinhiri


Kakui Danku pregnant
Kakui Danku pregnant

Ghanaian Actress and movie producer Kafui Danku has revealed how she has being struggling for a baby after she got married.

The “Letters to My Mother” actress has disclosed that she has been through a lot with pregnancy issues after she married her Canadian husband Douglas.

The actress announced her pregnancy to the world via Instagram on Thursday morning, October 27, thanking God for finally getting pregnant and healthy and also disclosed that she had three miscarriages and one stillbirth before finally making it.

Kafui shared breathtaking photos showing off her pregnancy with this caption:

“I prayed for this DAY and it has finally come…A NEW DAY has indeed come! After 1 still birth and 3 miscarriages. I didn’t give up. The Lord has his plans, when the time is right it will happen… And all flesh shall see it.”

Kafui Danku, CEO of ABC Productions has produced four movies; ‘I DO’, ‘Letters to My Mother’, ‘Happy Deathday’ and ‘Devil in a Dress’.

Kafui Danku and her husband
Kafui Danku and her husband

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah 



Bibi Bright and Nana Akua Addo
Bibi Bright and Nana Akua Addo

Ghanaians woke up on Thursday morning October 20, 2016 to thousands of words posted by Actress Bibi Bright, on her Instagram page , all directed at one person – her fellow Actress Nana Akua Addo.

Just when she got herself trending, Bibi deleted all her posts few hours after she posted them and cleared her page as though nothing had happened. Bibi has explained to Nkonkonsa.com why she decided to delete something she willingly posted.

“I had several calls from a number of people including my family, close friends and some people I respect so much in my life to end this whole issue with Nana Akua Addo and the only way I could show them respect was to take everything down. So I want to used this opportunity to thank everybody who showed concern and apologize to all those who felt hurt or disappointed because my actions”.

Bibi explained why she apologized insisted that she still stands by every single word she said about Nana Akua Addo and she has no regrets whatsoever. According to her, she saw some comments on social media that she was a coward for deleting the post but she is not.

“I am not apologizing for what I said about Nana Akua Addo because everything I said is true and I don’t regret posting it and I will never regret. I am only apologizing for how I went about the whole things. If I was a cowards like some people think, I wouldn’t have even posted it in the first place because even though I deleted all the posts from my page, it has been published on several websites and everything is already out so deleting it, didn’t really change anything. I only did it to show respect where respect is due because I was brought up to respect the elderly”.

Bibi has however expressed disappointment in her fellow female celebrities who have even had worse experiences with Nana Akua Addo, especially those she mentioned in her posts.

“I feel very sad when I think about how some of my colleagues in this industry are hydrates and cowards. They know the truth but they are too scared to speak up. After my posts on Instagram, several Actors, Actresses, Photographers and even some people in the media called to tell me their bitter experiences with Nana Akua Addo but none of them have been able to speak publicly”.  

Asked if she feels betrayed by her fellow female celebrities, Bibi said “No! I don’t feel betrayed in anyway. I willingly expressed my feelings, I still stand by it and I was not expecting anyone to support me anyway but I think we should be bold enough say something is wrong if it is wrong”.

About what provoked her to post all those information about Nana Akua Addo, Bibi said she(Nana Akua) used someone’s  account to post personal secrets she(Bibi) shared with her during one of her lowest points in life.

“Any woman who has ever experienced miscarriage knows how it feels. It is one of the worst things that can happen to any woman and anybody who has experienced, never wants remember it and that is what Nana decided to insult me with. She played with my emotions so I also decided to go all out”.

Bibi said she is done with Nana Akua Addo and she is now concentrating on campaigning for NPP flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo to bring change.

“I am done with that attention seeking, wannabe and liar Nana Akua Addo and her fake life. I am busy concentrating on more important things that will positively affect the lives of millions of Ghanaians. I am on the road campaigning for Nana Akufo-Addo to bring change”.

Source: NKONKONSA.com  


mcbrown-and-maxwell-600Actress Nana Ama McBrown’s much talked about wedding pictures are set to come public after over three months since her private wedding.

Nana Ama has succeeded in keeping her wedding picture away from the public since she got married in August this year but no anymore.

One of the fastest growing magazines in the country currently – Atitiriw Magazine has acquired exclusive right to publish all pictures from Nana Ama Mcbrown’s much anticipated holy matrimony.

The Magazine is set to release it 10th edition and the “Madam Mock” actress is the cover lady with her exquisite wedding dress.

The 10th edition of Atitiriw Magazine is scheduled to be launched on Thursday November 3, 2016 at City Escape Hotel in Accra exactly 7pm.

Dress code for the launch is anything elegant and sleek, as pictures from the launch would be published in the next edition of Atitiriw Magazine.

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phyno-4syte-tv-awardsThe 2016 4Syte TV Music Video Awards is set to be launched on Friday October 28 inside the 4Syte TV Mansion at East Legon.

Musicians, music video directors, the media awaits patiently as organizers prepare to release the full nomination list at the official launch of this year’s prestigious event come Friday.

The annual MTN 4syte Music Video Awards (MTN4syteMVA) is scheduled for 19th November 2016 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Ahead of the official launch, organizers have just released nominations for the Best African Act Video Category….

See below the full list of Best African Act nominees




Diamond Platnumz


Mr. Eazi



“I’M BORN AGAIN” – Berla Mundi

berla-mundi-2Not many persons are aware that charming radio and television presenter, Berla Mundi, is a Spirit-filled, heaven-bound, born-again Christian who is optimistic of seeing God someday.

She is one of the fastest rising showbiz icons and media voices in the country and over the weekend achieved another enviable feat when she hosted the 2016 edition of Miss Maliaka with ease, flair and tact.

In 2009, Berla was a mere Miss Malaika hopeful; she contested the pageant in 2010 and placed third and by 2016, she has become a host of the enviable pageant. She is a popular presenter on Live FM, GhOne Television.

“I was born into a strict Christian home and I do believe in heaven and hell. And yes, I am a born again Christian. I know I would go to heaven one day and I would see God. You need to believe in something and I chose to believe in God. God is real,” Berla told NEWS-ONE in response to a question about her religious beliefs.

In her usual characteristic jovial attitude, Berla added, “Look at my face, when you become born again, your face shines, isn’t my face shinning? I can’t remember when exactly I gave my life to Christ but I have always been born again.”

Berla justified her Christian faith, stating that “the good thing about Christianity is that it encourages you to live a very good life. So even if at the end of the day there is no heaven and there is no hell, the good thing is that you have lived a good life while on earth. And that is enough. Even though I know there is heaven, the fact that you have lived a good life is in itself okay. It helps you to maintain your principles in certain things, your virtues and make you a better person at the end of the day.”

Asked whether she was not perturbed about the notion that many churches have become business ventures, this was how Berla responded, “It is true some people have turned Christianity into a business venture and that is why you have to be wary of who you allow to deceive you.

“There are some very genuine people as well but at the end of the day, it is all up to you because you can still go to a very genuine man of God but if you do not believe in what he says, and you do not go according to the teachings of the word of God then you are still lost,” Berla added.

Source: News One


miss-malaika-2016-top-521-year-old Leah Brown has been crowned Miss Malaika Ghana 2016.

The University of Ghana Political Science and French student beat nine other contestants to win the crown at this year’s event at the National Theatre in Accra Saturday night.

For winning the title, Leah Brown drove home a brand-new Renault Captur Hatchback. She also received one year wardrobe supply of clothes, a trip to Dubai and a $10,000 education scholarship.

Amanda Edem Fiawosime, a Business Administration (Insurance) student at the University of Ghana and Delsey Hamilton Yankah, a Business Management student at the University of Cape Coast emerged first and second runner ups respectively.

The crowing of this year’s winner follows 13 weeks of intensive grooming and mentoring by the organisers, Charterhouse. The finale of the pageant witnessed performances from MzVee, Joey B and Lil Shaker.

Watch how the queen was crowned below:

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Nollywood diva Stephanie Okereke can’t keep calm as her ‘mini me’ turned a year old on Sunday October 23, 2016.

The Nigerian Actress and her husband Linus Idahosa celebrated the one year anniversary of the entry into their life of their little son Maxwell.

The couple’s first child celebrated his birthday over the weekend and a little family gathering was held to mark the day.

The couple got married at Paris, France in April 2012 and welcomed their first child on October 23, 2015.

See photos of the one year celebration of the baby boy Maxwell. stephanie-okereke-1 stephanie-okereke-2 stephanie-okereke-3 stephanie-okereke-5 stephanie-okereke-7 stephanie-okerekeSource: NKONKONSA.com


shatta-wale-at-rtp-awards-1Dance hall artiste Shatta Wale was the lead act at the just ended Radio and TV Personality (RTP)Awards 2016 at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

Shatta had some hot lady dancers for opening act winding their waist to his hit song “Biegya” and the fans went crazy. He performed a number of his songs including; “Hol it”, “Kakai”, “Baby Chop Kiss”, “Dancehall King”, “Shatta City”, Mahama Paper, Obordorbidi among others.

He paused his performance in the middle of his performance to acknowledge some dignitaries in the audience and thanked the media for supporting him and his music.

Watch all Shatta Wale performance at RTP Awards 2016:

Source: NKONKONSA.com